fitlosophy featured on LA's ABC7 talking about the health benefits of journaling

[lori corbin goes behind the scenes with our chief fitlosopher + fitbooker cristal on why journaling works]

mental toughness + entrepreneurship:
an interview

[our chief talks with Pro Athlete Advantage about entrepreneurship, mental toughness, routines...and coffee.]

colorado native shares her fitlosophy

[chief fitlosopher angela shares a few of her favorite products and how they

helped our fab fitbookers reach their goals]

now available @ Walgreens

[find fitlosophy goal-getting goods @ the corner of happy + healthy]

turning your passion into purpose

[our chief fitlosopher chats with with motivational entrepreneur Molly Richards on the story behind fitlosophy]

#paperrocks: learn why!

[a chat with two entrepreneurs on what it takes to get your goals]

fitspiration: inspiring or body shaming?

[myths + truths, social media and the fitness industry's role]

meet new fitbook lite: 4 tweaks to lose 5+lbs in just 6 weeks

[learn the 'why' behind fitlosophy's first weight-loss focused product]

healthy bods = happy kids

[tips, recipes + more as we answer ALL your questions for healthy kids!]

fitlosophy on QVC

[lights, our chief fitlosopher in action on QVC!]

google hangout:Nicole Wilkins

[healthy tips from this fab IFBB pro + 6 Pack Fitness Athlete]

google hangout: 6 pack tricks to live life fit

[our chief fitlosopher gets inside tips for elite athletes Rita Catolino + Matt Christianer]

using a food scale to conquer portion distortion

[learn to use the tare functionality + learn proper portion sizes]

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