set a goal

find the "why" behind where you are now + what you want to achieve. whether your goal is to shape up or slim down, there's a fitbook for that. so, which best fits you + your goals?

my goal is: slim down in 6 weeks.

  • i want a healthy, lifestyle approach to weight loss – not a quick fix!
  • i'm sick of diets + ready to make healthy, sustainable changes.
  • i'm new(er) to fitness + wanting more guidance.
  • i'm busy – so ideas for quick workouts + recipes would help!
  • i've hit a plateau + need a kickstart.

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my goal is: achieve some serious goals in 12 weeks.

  • i want to push my fitness to the next level or training for a competitive event.
  • i already have a plan, but want a way to track progress.
  • i'm an advanced gym-goer + need a flexible, open format.
  • I food prep each week, but want a way to track daily + be mindful.
  • i want to focus on my overall health + wellness
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