step two

ready to get tracking? here are some tips to get you started started using fitbook daily:

1. put pen to paper. turn to your week 1 planning page. here's where you'll plan your workouts for the week (add them to your calendar while you're at it), plan your meals (perfect for creating your shopping list too), and set your goals + intentions for the week ahead. don't get bogged down with having the perfect workout schedule or meal plan in place right now. for the first few weeks, just write it down! this is the proven process behind why fitbook works. studies show you're more likely to reach your goals - just by writing it down. trust the process!

2. keep it close. think of fitbook as your new pint-sized pal. keep it in the kitchen when you're at home, take it to work + tote it to the gym. having it with you ensures you'll have it on-hand to log every morsel you munch + record those sweat sessions. it's important to plan ahead – and then write as-you-go versus trying to remember everything at the end of the day! tip: try writing workouts out before you hit the gym so you have a plan when you get there. some fitbookers also plan meals out for the day + then track details/mood throughtout the day – or feel free to fill in the pages after a workout or meal. find what works best for you and stick to it!

3. reflect + reward. don't skip the weekly wrap-up page + just move on to planning the next week! it's there for a reason. block off time each sunday (maybe while meal prepping, perhaps?) and take time to journal thoughts and reflect on your week. what went good? and not-so-good? we tend to focus on what we can do better – but don't be hard on yourself for missing a workout or eating 1-pizza-slice-too-many. getting down on yourself won't do any good. reward yourself for your good choices – this positive habit sends a signal to your brain that you get something for making good choices, which is a much healthier mindset than punishing yourself for not-so-good choices! reward ideas: a new magazine, new songs for your workout playlist, or add $1 to a "reward jar" for each day you reach your goals. then, take time to plan out the week ahead!

okay, you get the idea, right? but there's one more research-backed way to reach your goals.
want to know what that is?