step three

research shows that you're 76% more likely to reach your goals if you write them down and share them for added accountability.

1. get a buddy on board. whether you just share your goals or you rally them to join you, this is a proven way to improve your goal-getting odds. tips: plan to meet at the gym a few days each week, book walking/running dates ahead of time, and swap healthy recipes. this is someone you can text/call/meet up with to share successes and support one another on tough days. who's your accountability buddy? text them now. (we'll wait.)!



2. share your progress. we want to support you every step of the way – so if do shout it from the social media mountain tops, tag us so we can join you on your goal-getting journey. whether it's before + after (or progress) pics, or just posting a page from your fitbook, tag @fitbook and use hashtag #fitbook so we can follow along as you #livelifefit.  want to be featured as a #fabfitbooker? tell us your story.


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