step one

you've heard the saying: "fail to plan, plan to fail." well, fitbookers are not failures. we are goal-getters!
here are some tips for setting some goal – and then making a plan to achieve them.

1. what's your goal? take some time think about where you are now + where you want to be when you finish fitbook. need help? download our free fitbook+ goal-setting app (available ios + android) which will literally walk you through the process of identifying your "why" + setting achievable, realistic + timely goals. want more goal-getting tips? flip to page 4 of your fitbook for "goal-setting 101."

2. get cozy with fitbook. review the sample pages at the front of fitbook with blue tips on how to best use fitbook.  also be sure to read our "12 tips for fitbookers" on page 5!  check out our "fit resources" page for additional tools + gadgets to complement your fitbook.   flip to your 12-week planning page in fitbook + jot down your goals. don't rush this - it's part of the process!  each week you'll set smaller goals so you have a plan for making progress towards your big goal!

3. start where you are.  how will you know if you reach your goal if you don't measure progress? grab a tape measure + body fat calipers (or a scale, if you must!) and take your "before" measurements + jot those down on your measureUP! page. peruse our healthy bod guide to make sure your goals are, well, healthy!  not a fan of numbers?  before pics are a great way to see a visual of your progress - don't worry, you don't have to share if you don't want to! (but if you do, tag @fitbook - we love to see your progress!) other measurable but non-scale ways to measure progress toward your goal: jean size, pushups/pull-ups, 5k time – the options are endless.

goals all set? get ready to get those goals.