digital devices

fitlosophy's fave fitness trackers to reach your goals.

with metrics from movement + calorie burn to sleep + heart rate, these digital devices give you the data to log in your fitbook to track progress and monitor trends in your wellness journey.

fitbit flex

sweet color options, wireless syncing, sleep tracking, + silent wake alarm.

jawbone UP

thin, minimalist band, custom idle alert to keep you active + smart alarm to wake you at the ideal time.

fitstep: pedometer

this little red pedometer, emblazoned with fitlosophy's live life fit mantra, is a simple + easy way to see how much you are moving throughout the day. become more mindful + log those digits


watch format with monochrome LCD screen, heart rate monitor + ability to measure skin temperature, perspiration, and sleep quality.


track running pace while running, control music while exercising, and integrates smartly with your smart phone.

runtastic orbit

this waterproof device comes with a clip + two wristbands to track steps, active minutes, calories burned, sleep cycles, goals and ambient lighting 24/7

polar loop

integrated heart rate sensor, inactivity alert feature + activity zone feature to specify intensity.

misfit shine

discreet option for the ladies with small, stylish look with super-long battery life + ability to distinguish between walking, running, swimming, and cycling.

pear sports + training intelligence™

heart rate monitor system to track how body responds to activity + provides real-time audio coaching through Pear Stride™ earphones for smart, effective training.


for the kiddos! fun shaped accelerometers to make moving more fun for kids – and to get fit as a family.


fitness meets fashion with this stylish accessory that's a must have for your jawbone or fitbit.