become an affiliate


separating a successful affiliate from the rest is your ability to persuade the visitor that the product you are promoting is something that the reader is looking for...this is not a sales pitch but a personal touch that only you can add to their experience! here are a few tips + ideas:

1) communicate your personal experience with fitbook

2) explain to the user why you believe in the fitbook - whether it's through a blog or video, your visitors know and trust you so tell them what you think!

3) the personal touch is paramount - speak to them just as you would be speaking to them over a hot cup o' java!

4) what's in it for them? whether it be sharing a current promo code that fitlosophy is running (be up-to-date on our newsletter) or even holding a contest where the winner receives a fitbook!

IMPORTANT: remember to ALWAYS use your affiliate link when talking about fitlosophy. you will make 20% commission (that's $4.59 per fitbook) on all sales generated from your link! plus anyone who signs up to be an affiliate through your link, will earn you 10% on every order they sell! you can log into your account at any time and click 'view my affiliate page' to view your affiliate earnings and more!

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