healthykids: my healthy day goal setting chart for kids

perfect for kiddos ages 5 and under, "my healthy day goal chart" is a fun + interactive solution for teaching goal-setting to wee ones at home or in the pre-k classroom. available for instant download of a printer-friendly pdf or purchase the laminated wall chart to post on bulletin board or refrigerator. tip:  use dry erase markers or fun stickers to fill in the boxes daily to create healthy habits! this week-long goal chart focuses on the following four key areas:

  1. healthy eater - eat fruits & veggies helps your body to grow big and strong!
  2. water sipper - drink water every day keeps our bodies healthy so we can run and play!
  3. happy heart - a healthy heart is a happy heart – make your heart happy at least 1 time per day!
  4. healthy helper - help out, pick-up, and move things at home + school to grow strong muscles - and it’s kind to be helpful!

this goal-getting method for the littles is a great tool to use for tracking chores, earning an allowance, and reaping rewards!  bonus: get auto-email with tips on how to use it with your child or the pre-k teacher’s guide download for the classroom. 

    start 'em young - daily focus on each goal area can result in a lifetime of healthy habits. a little movement for BIG change.

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