prego pack: fitbook mama2b and prenatal workout dvd

pick up this fit prego pack including fitbook mama2b® + your choice of dvd from Knocked-Up Fitness® for just $34.95. [or get both dvds for $44.90 - just $9.95 more!]

fitbook mama2b is the chubby 40-week fitness + nutrition journal for expectant mamas to set goals and track progress to ensure an active + healthy pregnancy. Knocked-Up Fitness is a new method designed to help keep expecting moms active + fit through all stages of pregnancy. choose from: 

  • prenatal pilates-infused fitness: features pilates, cardio + conditioning exercises.
  • prenatal core pilates workouts: includes a unique mix of core cardio, pilates, yoga + more!
pick which dvd you want or get the bundle of both! 

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