fitbook junior: healthy goal setting for kids

meet fitbook® junior: the fun, interactive fitness journal for teaching goal setting for kids ages 5 to 13. fitbook junior encourages a healthy, active lifestyle using a unique 3-step planning system to help children set goals, establish healthy habits, and earn rewards. using junior is as easy as 1-2-3!  BONUS: coach guide included with each fitbook junior for parents and coaches!  fitbook junior holds the PTPA parent tested parent approved seal.

  1. make a game plan                                                                                             establish 12-week "BIG" goal + reward, then help kids set weekly goals in four categories - get movin', food, school, and home. 
  2. track progress                                                                                                   monitor a child's physical activity and nutrition daily. they get a blue star just for writing in their fitbook each day and a red star for reaching a weekly goal. at the end of each week they tally their stars and earn rewards!
  3. reward 'em                                                                                                        reflect on a child's goals, log their accomplishments, and reward them! red and blue stickers are included, as well as notes + doodles pages to make the 12 weeks interactive and fun! 

want to set healthy goals as a family?  get our fampack with 1 fitbook (for you) + 1 fitbook junior (for your kiddo) and be on your way to live life fit as a family!

interested in fitbook junior for your school? learn more about fit@school for the classroom!

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