looking for healthy new podcast recommendations? we've got 10.

if you, like us, have at least half a dozen unread books collecting dust on your nightstand despite the best intentions, we know you feel our pain. thirsty for knowledge, but not enough free time to get your read on? then you need to hop on the podcast train.

wanna get started? check out the blog for a list of 10 of our top podcast picks - covering topics from health to business - that you can listen to in the car, on the treadmill or while cooking dinner.


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fitbook: a decade, a door + a deal

each + every year we commemorate fitbook taking another trip around the sun - often entailing party hats + cake pops for my journal-baby personified, sometimes launching new products, but always including a somewhat sappy blog post from our chief fitlosopher. and this year is no different - except for one thing: it’s very different. this year marks a decade-long history for fitlosophy’s first + flagship product, fitbook. that one simple idea has been at the forefront of innovation for this brand for over 10 years. TEN.

and it was in our tenth year of business that this little-brand-that-could was presented with the ultimate opportunity - one that oftentimes only knocks once in a lifetime, and literally blessed our business socks off. 

check out the blog to find out how our chief white-knuckled her way through the past decade, beat down doors + never stopped knockin’, taking fitlosophy from a single idea to wall street in 10 years' time.


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4 creative ways to organize your life

we're always juggling multiple tasks at any given moment throughout the day. folding laundry during conference calls, leaving ourselves voice reminders during workouts, putting away groceries while quizzing our kids on their spelling-test words. with so much happening at all times, it’s easy for the home to fall into disarray. but now, with the lazy days of  summer coming to a close, and the kids headed back to school, it’s time to restore order. and good news: the timing of my little tidying project could not be more perfect.

check out the blog for 4 ways to organize your life, with the help of 12 new products that will keep you sane as you navigate work, workouts and back-to-school brouhaha.


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10 fitbookers who continue to inspire us

every month we regale you with tales of our fabulous fitbookers, but we so rarely get the opportunity to catch up after their big blog debuts. so what better excuse for one big, happy #fabfitbooker family reunion than fitbook’s 10th birthday??  from losing weight + gaining confidence to crushing goals + changing lives, we've been blessed to be a part of their journey over the past ten years.

check out the blog as we catch up with 10 of our favorite fab fitbookers to find out what they’ve been up to since their fit features + what goals they look forward to getting in 2018.


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ready to feel the brrrn? keep cool with this workout.

we’ve tried a lot of different workouts at this point - boxingcountry zumbayoga with a goat on our back (no seriously), but none intrigued us quite as much as the frosty phenom that’s taking over NYC: brrrn. their gimmick? while most other fitness studios endeavor to keep their clients comfortable at room temperature, brrrn ices out the competition (and their patrons) entirely by cooling their studio to temps as low as 45 degrees. 

check out the blog to find out how we fared with this frosty workout!


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stuck in a seat? fit in a full-body workout with these 8 moves.

summer is in full swing, which means you’ve probably got plans to hit the road at least a time or two before labor day. maybe you’re jumping in the car to road-trip it across the country. perhaps you’re hopping on a flight to your favorite beach. you might even be taking a train to city-hop your way around europe. regardless, squeezing in your regular sweat sesh can be tricky when you’re confined to small spaces for hours on end. whether you're stuck in a plane, train, or automobile...worry not!

travel on over to the blog to score the isometric moves that’ll help you fit in a full-body workout even when you’re stuck in a seat - no equipment required!  


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cool it: 3 healthy ice pops to beat the summer heat

when it’s the middle of summer + you can’t seem to make it from the house to the mailbox without dripping sweat, popsicles never disappoint! the only problem: store-bought ‘sicles are far too often filled with refined sugars + all kinds of artificial flavors + colorings we can’t even pronounce. but you know what they say - if ya want somethin’ done right, ya gotta do it yourself. 

get the recipes for 3 easy fitlosophyzed pops packed with real-food ingredients that you can feel good about slurping down on all summer long!  


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the one little tool you need to snack smart while on-the-road

there’s something about travel that brings on some major snack attacks. whether flying, driving or hiking, all that schlepping works up quite an appetite. i mean, who wants to be caught on a cross-country flight watching in-flight entertainment sans snacks?? not us. so what’s a summer sightseer to do?

from a portable breakfast parfait to grown-up lunchables, visit the blog to see how we pack our snacks with healthy combos suitable for every type of tripper.


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road-tripping? dream + go seek these healthy CVS finds!


when you think of a drugstore, you might not automatically envision healthy snacks lining the shelves. and while we can’t blame you for this assumption (why do they always have to test our willpower with that checkout-counter candy?!), we were majorly impressed upon learning that CVS was the first drugstore to discontinue cigarette sales. and now, there’s even more to love about CVS: namely, our dream seek achieve fitspiration journal gracing the shelves of the journal aisle in 7,864 stores nationwide. but who's counting?! we are...boom.  

take a peek at the healthy finds we stocked up on when we went to seek out our journal baby in its new home. from snacks to at-home spas, we've got the scoop.


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fab fitbooker dan: how this father of two waved bye-bye to dad bod

dan had always thought of himself as a “reasonably healthy” dude. despite his weight yo-yoing off + on through the years, he’d always been athletic and played sports, including a stint as a ski instructor in his twenties. born + bred in london, he spent two decades of his life living in bali before moving to the states nine years ago.

after years of work + life stresses, ferrying his two teenage boys from sport to sport, and falling into an unhealthy food rut, one day he looked down and realized his waistline wasn’t what it used to be. with 50 pounds to shed + two active sons to keep up with, dan decided to take action.

check out the blog to find out how dan's rude awakening - lose weight or lose your life - spurred an entirely new lifestyle that led him to fitbook.


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