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chief fitlosopher here, reporting in as promised, to guide you through 21 days of creating healthy habits to live life fit. whether you decide to join me for #fitbook21 or not, i find it my duty to share with you why i, the creator of fitbook, the self-proclaimed goal-getting guru, am in fact giving it up. yes, i'm ditching my little darling for 21 days - and for good reason. while it would be easy to keep those reasons to myself, there's a soft little voice in the back of my mind that reminds me that nudges me to open up.  when i share my woes, often times what i risk by being vulnerable is small compared to what someone else can stand to gain by feeling understood. i know all too well that feeling that "nobody gets it" - but the truth is that often times all we have to do is bare our little souls. so here goes.


for reasons not relevant here, i find myself in a spot i've never been before. a predicament of sorts where i am unable to move much. and my concern isn't my weight or my workouts, or even my macros or muscles for that matter. (although admittedly i've had a few mild meltdowns.) right now, very little of my physical mobility is within my control and can i just tell you that when you're in pain or injured or unable to complete a workout that nothing (nothing!) is more heart-wrenching than flipping open a fresh new page in fitbook in all it's OCD glory, only to have the big ginormous grid of sets + reps just staring back at you. or the chipper little boxes to rate your workout just mocking you because NO...i didn't have a "killer" workout, thank you very much and "oops" i didn't miss it - i just didn't do it because i can't right now. okay, fitbook so stop your starin' at me! oh and cardio, don't get me started because yes, my form of cardio right now is a stress-free stroll and no my heart rate isn't up and in fact i don't even break a sweat. but you know what, at least i'm doing what i can!!!" [end rant]

whew, my apologies. did i just type that?

here's the truth: little of life is in our control and in fact for many people, pain or physical limitations is a fact of life.  this is why the timing for creating (and launching) my latest program was the sweetest gift at precisely the perfect time. truth is, we can either dwell on what we cannot do, or we can focus our efforts on what we can control. and that is precisely what #fitbook21 is all about. it's about creating healthy habits + stopping not-so-healthy habits for 21 days. for me, it's 21 days of just focusing on what i can control (healthy eating, mindful movement, daily devotions) with very little focus on the physical. yes, of course there's space to log physical activity but it's not quite as in-your-face. it's just a few little lines that prompt me to log my minutes moving. i can handle that. and then of course tracking food daily, which is important for me because especially when you're limited on your fitness, you must be mindful of your munching. fitness and food aside, what i love about this program (and i'm not just saying it because i created it) is that it's forcing me to focus on behaviors i CAN control. no, this isn't a blog to promote any program, frankly it's your chief fitlosopher doing what she loves most: connecting. allowing the little pitter-patter of the keyboard to somehow communicate and often over-share my heart in hopes that someone/anyone thinks to themselves, "me too." in closing, i want to share my healthy habit goals for the next 21 days:

  • one healthy habit i want to create: right when i wake up, i will journal with coffee (duh!) + spend time with God before checking any technology.
  • one not-so-healthy habit i will stop doing: every night @ 9pm, i will turn my phone/laptop off + read for at least 30 minutes. 

[tip: using "i will" statements when setting goals triggers a different part of your brain + ups the odds of achieving it!]

my goals are admittedly less about physical achievements + more of a #digitaldetox, but these are habits that will keep me focused on my priorities.  most importantly, here's my motivation. [be warned: deep thoughts with your chief fitlosopher follow.]

remember to give yourself grace. that the goal isn't always the destination or even within your control. open your eyes to what God is doing in your heart + allow Him to transform your mind. when you can't control your circumstances, sometimes that's precisely what God is using to get your attention. have you idolized your physical and prioritized your fitness above all else for far too long? use this time to see what God can do in and through you when that is taken away. this is a season - embrace it. learn from it. and don't try to change things. allow it to change you. the purpose of this isn't perfection - the goal is grace. 

yes, i will return to my beloved fitbook in due time. but in the meantime, it's all about creating healthy habits, journaling my gratitude + finding peace in the process. follow along on instagram or facebook where i'll be posting daily, but you can also follow other fitbookers on the #fitbook21 journey by searching the hashtag.

are you joining me? comment below + share your goals, habits you hope to create. i'm listening.
(my apologies: i've been on a frasier netflix binge lately, so i just couldn't help it.) 

no but really, i am. i'm listening (er, reading) so share away. 

gracefully yours,

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Kathy Cruthirds
Kathy Cruthirds

January 18, 2017

Thank you for being so open and honest. I am brand new to fitbook but I love it. I love how easy it is to track everything. I wished I would have found sooner. I love spending with God also so that is very important to me and I like spending time with Him first thing in the morning. Again thank you for this program, it is wonderful.


January 12, 2017

Thank you for your openness! I’m in a very fragile emotional state at the moment and I have been trying to get motivated to use the fitbook but it just seems a bit overwhelming. I too will follow your routine as you mentioned. God first thing in the morning (and throughout the day) is the best starting place I can think of. Happy 21 days to us all!!! ;-)


January 10, 2017

This is just the non-intimidating chunk of time I needed to try and buckle down to start the year off with good habits. I will get my 10k steps OR intentionally move my body (even if it’s just low-key yoga or foam rolling) for 30 minutes each day. I will turn the tv off by 10 and my tablet off by 11pm. Bonus points if I manage at least a slight calorie deficit daily ;)


January 10, 2017

Thank you so much for sharing your heart! I love it! I also need to do a better job of spending quality time with God and really getting into His Word daily! Is there any study/guidance/plan you are going to be using? I need one!

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