why (healthy) fat is the new black.

it is fat tuesday, so we’re just gonna go ahead and say it: fat is BACK, baby! and better than ever. why?? anyone who lived through the 80s will recall the big fat-free craze that swept america, thanks to misguided dietary guidelines that demonized fat as the spark that would ignite a heart-disease powder-keg. what did this little low-fat experiment teach us? not only does fat in + of itself not seem to be a contributor to heart disease, it’s actually far better for us than the things we used (+ abused) in its place for so many years (ahem, sugar + refined carbs). fat keeps you satiated longer, gives you youthful, glowing skin and keeps your brain nice + sharp.

still, as with anything, we like to keep this caboose at moderation station. fat = flavor, which means it’s easy to overdo, so always make sure you’re sticking to proper portions by measuring or weighing your food. or even simpler: just toss everything into our portable, pre-portioned snackstak containers for effortless portion control! wanna partake in our fat tuesday frenzy? here are seven of our favorite snacks to fatten up your tuesday the healthy way.

1 [nuts]
rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins + minerals, one little ¼-cup serving is all you need to reap the many benefits of this satiating snack. sprinkle a few on your oats, toss some into your smoothie or just give ‘em a one-way ticket straight to your mouth. tip: ¼-cup = 1oz when weighing nuts on your nifty food scale....or container #2 on your smart snackstak!

2 [nut butter]
all the health benefits of nuts in one smooth, creamy, 2-tbsp package. spread it on toast, drizzle it on a sweet potato or scoop it up on apple slices. tip: the top container on your snackstak is exactly 2 tablespoons. we're smart like that.

3 [olives]
1 cup of these lil guys has about 15 grams of glorious fat, plus they contain phytonutrients that are linked to cancer prevention. and let’s face it - they’re the only reason we order a dirty martini in the first place. enjoy them in a salad, on top of a pizza or right out of the jar. tip: since olives can vary in shape/weight/size, aim for 100 grams with the pits or 80 grams with no pits!  pssst: perfect for the biggest container in your snacktstack.

4 [avocado]
made up mostly of the darling of the fat world - monounsaturated fats - one medium avocado is packin’ about 23 grams of the good stuff. and when it comes to preparations, the sky’s the limit. mash it up with onion + cilantro for a yummy guac, make avocado toast for a quick brekkie, or blend it up with cacao for a silky, smooth vegan chocolate pudding. tip: 1 serving = 50g, which packs in 8 grams of healthy fats + is a healthy fat filler for the largest container in your snackstak!

5 [coconut]
coconuts have gotten a bad rap because of their saturated fat content, but studies have actually shown that populations with a coconut-heavy diet have little to no heart disease. they’re also high in fiber, loaded with electrolytes + help boost immunity. sprinkle 1/4-cup of unsweetened flakes on top of your fruit, mix them into your energy balls or toast ‘em up in a skillet for a little extra flavaaaaaah. bonus: 1/4-cup (or 20 grams) adds a satiating crunch that keeps you full + staves off hunger.

6 [hard-boiled egg]
some people are wary of whole eggs because of the fat + cholesterol, instead opting for egg whites only. but surprise!: research has shown that egg consumption in moderation actually leads to improved heart health. and don't skip the yolk - the yellow middle is what contains all the nutrients + healthy fats! they’re also a great source of choline, which helps regulate the brain, nervous system +  cardiovascular system. chop ‘em up in a salad, plop ‘em atop some avocado toast, or one of our heavenly deviled egg recipes, which are perfect to make ahead + stash in your snackstak!

7 [flax or chia seeds]
a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, these tiny, fiber-filled seeds are super simple to throw on top of a bowl of oats or into a smoothie. 1 serving = 1 tablespoon, which fits oh-so-nicely in the top container of your snackstak so it's ready to sprinkle when you're on the go!

so what’s the skinny on fat? don't fear the fat! it’s the food, rather than the fat content, that you need to be paying attention to. choose minimally-processed, whole foods + don’t sweat the rest. what’s your favorite way to celebrate that fat is back? share in the comments below.

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