whole30 hacks: 13 tips for sips, trips + prep

whole30 success is all about planning ahead, especially when you’re busy + perpetually short on time (like our chief fitlosopher). after all, kicking lifelong food habits to the curb cold turkey can seem daunting. maximize your chances of #septemberwhole30 success by employing a few simple tricks of our chief fitlosopher’s whole30 trade (and she oughta know - she’s on round three!).

here are 13 hacks to make whole30 easier + breezier + all but failproof.

[meal prep]
eggs are eggcellent: always have hard boiled eggs on hand for a quick breakfast, snack or salad. prep ‘em on sunday to grab during those busy weekdays. get our chief fitlosopher's quick + easy egg salad recipe for an anytime high-protein meal!

when in doubt, weigh it out: using a food scale to measure out ingredients + proper portions helps you cut down on prep time + clutter (not to mention excess calories). whole30 is so not about counting calories - but it IS all about portion control. especially when it comes to healthy fats like nuts, weigh 'em out + stash pre-portioned amounts in a snackstak so you can take on-the-go!

double the fun: make two pans of roasted veggies at once so you'll always have some ready to go. get the recipe for roasted veggies - so easy you can literally just pop in the oven, go for a walk or run...and they're done! 

multitask like mad: when you’re making roasted veggies to have on hand for all those whole30 meals, you might as well make full use of all that oven real estate. poke a few sweet potatoes with a fork, wrap ‘em in foil with some ghee + toss those in the oven on the bottom rack. while you're at, cut a spaghetti squash in half, place cut-side down in a pan with 1" water + bake with the veggies to multitask food prep!

utilize leftovers: throw some eggs on top of leftover spaghetti squash with avocado + breakfast is served. have pre-cooked sweet potato? slice into thin rounds + heat on medium-high heat in pan with coconut oil + sea salt for a sweet n' salty side. extra roasted veggies? just pop in the oven + broil for 5 minutes to warm (and crisp) 'em up!

no alcohol, no sugar, no dairy – which means most beverages are no bueno. forced to get crafty, our chief fitlosopher found whole30 options to replace all her liquid loves.

instead of wine: sip kombucha. just make sure it’s whole30-compliant, meaning no added sugars after the fermentation process. all kombuchas are fermented IN sugar, but most sweeten with sugar or sugar substitutes after – except GT’s synergy kombucha, which is sweetened with fruit juice (and love…says so on the label). tip: serve kombucha in a wine glass – trust us on this one...it'll make you feel fancy. more q's about kombucha? read whole 30's thoughts.

instead of cocktails: make it a faux-jito. 
it’s a thing...because our chief fitlosopher made it a thing. order a club soda with muddled lime + mint (basically a mojito minus the simple syrup + rum, hence the name). this is surprisingly refreshing, highly hydrating + honestly, sipping on these avoids all awkward convos about why you’re not drinking alcohol (as though you have to somehow explain yourself) because it looks like a cocktail!

instead of cappuccinos: coffee, black
. before whole30, our chief fitlosopher was a real heavy-whipping-cream kinda girl when it came to her coffee – just a touch. and don't get her started on her afternoon cappuccino. however, she’s curbed that cappuccino habit + learned to love a nice percolated peet’s coffee or nespresso. when she’s craving something with cream, she reaches for califia farms’ dairy-free better-half creamer. just pure coconut cream + almond milk, nothing else. just make sure you get the unsweetened one! out + about? peet’s coffee shops have PURE coconut cream to add to your coffee + unlike the dairy-free options at most coffee shops, there’s no added sugar. tip: always ask to look at the nut milk options before ordering. the much-applauded addition of almond milk to the starbucks menu has sugar so you'll have to skip it.

instead of juice: drink water. lots of it. ok, so the chief isn't a big juice-drinker anyway, but 
guzzling enough of the clear stuff is an ongoing challenge. plain water just doesn't always cut it. her trick? infusing water with fruits + herbs to give it a little palate-pleasing pizzazz with our fitfuser water bottle. after forgoing sugar on whole30, you'll be surprised how sweet it will taste! try her go-tos: strawberry + basil, mint + lime, or a handful of frozen berries that sweeten and chill your agua!

[on the go]
whether you’re eating out or jetting through an airport, planning ahead is crucial. while whole30 isn’t big on being snacky-snacky, small snacks do come in handy in a pinch. our chief fitlosopher shares some of her "craving cures" that she found effective at "taming the sugar dragon" - including these travel-friendly options:

mini lara bars: the combo box of apple, cherry + cashew cookie flavors are all whole30-approved...plus they're teeny-tiny, so it’s just enough to stave off hunger. note: not ALL flavors of lara bars are whole30 approved though: remember, no peanuts!

nut butter packets: whether it’s almond, cashew, pecan or walnut butter, tote these along + pair with an apple or banana. these are also great for keeping your portions in check (our chief fitlosopher mayyyy have found herself elbow-deep in a nut butter jar a time or two during round one of whole30). it happens.

coconut chips: basically just roasted coconut + sea salt (find the no-added-sugar kind), these make for a quick, crunchy snack. our fave: dang coconut chips, because dang they’re good. 

know before you go: headed out to a restaurant? check out the menu before you go so you can scope out potential whole30 options in advance. note: tip well because frankly they're the ones accommodating your “can you make sure it’s not sautéed in butter? can you have those veggies steamed with nothing added? no, i can’t have gluten-free bread but thank you for the offer.” poor waiters. but be kind, seriously…tip well. 

final thought:
read the book if you haven't already. ONE THING that is so-no-whole30-approved is creating "technically compliant" treats, or as the whole30 headmistress melissa hartwig calls it: SWYPOs. this means no, you shouldn't make a protein pancake even if it's just banana + egg. or make a paleo-muffin or cookie or cake or...you get the point. whole30 is about retraining our brains about how we think about food...not just what we eat but why we eat it. if we continue to "treat" ourselves with sweets (even if they are technically compliant), then are we changing our habits? we think not. and remember - it's only 30 days. you can do anything for 30 days!  just food for thought - literally.


so whether you’re navigating your very first whole30, or just looking for a few ways to improve on round three (a la our chief fitlosopher), these hacks have you covered. don't forget to tag @fitbook + @whole30 in all your #fitbookwhole30 posts. we wanna cheer you on! (plus, there are still THREE $100 fitlosophy gift cards up for grabs!)  the more you comment,  post, like + share, the more likely you'll be one of our #fitbookwhole30 winners. we're watchin', we're stalkin' + we're rootin' y'all on!

what’s your favorite whole30 hack? share in the comments so we can all take some tips from each other!! 

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September 12, 2016

Just started whole 30 for my first round – these are all such great tips and tricks. The one that stands out to me is not creating compliant treats. That was the first thing I thought of when I started … so thanks for the friendly reminder.

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