6 perfectly-paired gifts to share some #targetlove

February 09, 2017


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we heart tar-jay. and apparently we're not the only ones with over 2 million instagram followers, 3,186,178 posts about #target + nearly 200,00 #targetdoesitagain posts where shoppers can jointly celebrate (and commiserate) how their intended trip to pick up dishwasher soap + birthday card resulted in a pricey, albeit enjoyable, retail therapy sesh. there's a reason our chief fitlosopher calls it the "$60 target rule." she discreetly scurries to the fitness aisle to spy on our 3 new fitspiration journals + fitmats, then of course makes sure fitbooks are all propped up in their place next to the fitness dvds (oh heyyyy jillian michaels...she's our neighbor on-shelf). our chief snaps a few in-store selfies, after being busted a few times of course, and then inevitably (at least) $60 of goods make their way into her shiny red shopping cart. and so the love affair continues.


but what's not to L-O-V-E? specifically, #targetlove (10,006 posts, to be exact). with valentine’s day right around the corner, what better way to show the ones you love (pssst, we’re all about some #selflove over here too) just how much you care than an inspired pair of fit gifts? even better: by visiting the aptly named #targetdollarspot, you’ll have even more to love...in your wallet. total game-changer. here are a few of our favorite pairings of fitlosophy gear coupled with affordable target finds:

[happy hour tank + pink scarf]
throw this fluffy lil scarf on over our super-soft happy hour tank for an adorable pairing that will easily take you from studio to street like a (girl)boss.    

[food scale + gold heart wine stopper + a bottle of vino]
y’all know we preach portion control - especially when it comes to sweets + sips. a little red wine never hurt anyone. in fact, it’s loaded with antioxidants that help prevent heart disease by increasing your body’s good cholesterol, kicking bad cholesterol to the curb, protecting the lining of the blood vessels in your ticker + thwarting blood clots. but as with anything in life: moderation is key. use our handy little fiery red food-scale to weigh out a proper 5-ounce portion, then stick a (heart-shaped) cork in it + be done. check out the reds we heart most.  

[fitspiration journal + love stamps]
we don’t wanna brag, but our fitspiration gratitude journals are more than just a pretty face. not only does practicing gratitude literally help your heart by reducing stress, plaque build-up and inflammation, it also makes your heart much more likely to go pitter-patter by improving your relationships. how? people with grateful partners report stronger connections + higher relationship satisfaction overall. pair it with these adorable love stamps + you just may spend your valentine’s doodling the day away as you give thanks for all the blessings in your life. find our brand new trio (including this sassy #youvegotthis version) in the fitness aisle, near fitbook!

[fitmat + candle]
recreate the dim, soothing vibe of your favorite yoga class with our super-cush fitmat + this vintage-inspired, freshly scented candle. in fact, grab two while you’re at it! after all, the couple that sweats together stays together! find all 3 of our fitmats in target stores, including this red hot little number, for a limited time only in the wayyyy back of the store in the seasonal wellness section!

[pedometer + candy dish]
even a daily workout doesn’t preclude you from risk of serious illnesses if you’re sedentary the rest of the day. use our simple, affordable fitness tracker to make sure you’re getting in at least 10k steps per day, then stash it bedside in this dainty little dish while you snooze.

[fitfuel mixer + ceramic coffee mug]
shake up your favorite quick latte or protein shake (or actually a ton of other things) in our fitfuel mixer, then pour it into this super cute, reusable coffee mug to tote it around town in style. our new favorite concoction: this turmeric golden milk. tumeric not your jam? we've got a bulletproof proof latte that will blow your mind or a paleo pumpkin spice latte that make you drive by the 'bux for good. need 

so what are you waiting for, my love? make a beeline for your local target + stock up on all the goods for your valentine! do us a favor + tag @fitbook in pics when you spot our goods...it makes our heart happy!

with love,
(fit) cupid

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