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February 14, 2017


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this valentine’s day, we’re forgoing the typical candy hearts + love poems, in favor of celebrating the greatest loves of our lives: our fabfitbookers. now don’t get us wrong - we embrace any holiday that pays homage to L-O-V-E, but let’s be honest, this day can be quite a bummer for those of us who have yet to find our lobster (no FRIENDS reference left unturned over here, #notsorry). we may not be coupled up, but these sweet faces are our forever valentines, the reason we do what we do, the ones who warm our hearts.

while most of these fitbook love stories began as weight-loss journeys, over time they’ve evolved into so much more. they’ve taught us that taking care of this life God has given us by nourishing our bodies with good food + strengthening them with exercise, while feeding our souls with encouragement and gratitude, is the ultimate expression of self-love.

in honor of this day of love, we caught up with a few of our #fabfitbooker crushes to see what they’ve been up to since we last talked.

since we last touched base with wayne in fall 2015, he’s celebrated two more years of sobriety, making him 28 years clean + sober. but that doesn’t mean life has been without its challenges these past couple years. making the switch to an overnight shift at work means his day now starts at 4pm, so while most people are getting ready to eat dinner, he’s just having breakfast.

in his own words:
“this transition at work has made healthy eating and working out oh-so-important. that's where my fitbook comes into play. tracking meals, goals and workouts allows me to see where i need to improve or cut back. it allows me to reach goals that i have set for the week.  i have become more active in my stepson’s basketball team. i impart my knowledge to them in practice concerning strength conditioning and nutrition.

the past year, i have worked on gaining a little more muscle, which makes workouts a little more intense. tracking them in my fitbook is so important. it has become a trainer in a book for me. i can look back at it weekly and consult with it to see where I need to do more or what to improve on. it never leaves my gym bag, and on my 30-minute train-ride to work, it keeps me busy. i am constantly checking our local book store Chapters/Indigo up here in Canada to make sure they always have them in stock!”

since we last ran down this goal-getting marathoner last summer, after her amazing feature in Good Housekeeping magazine, she’s competed in several more races, including two half-marathons and one full marathon - bringing her total for 2014-2016 to a whopping 52 races!

in her own words:
“i love how i can customize fitbook to fit my life. some people think you either have to fill up the pages everyday or have to fill it out a certain way, but the sky’s the limit. for example, in the notes section for the meal entries, i like to put in my calories and protein intake. i've seen some people use it for the amount they've eaten or even carbs. i love how every week there’s a space to journal. i also love the compact size!

i am hoping to complete a 50-mile ultra marathon sometime this year. i've already completed one, but i wanted to set a new goal distance. fitbook helps me keep track of my goals, as well as my eating habits. when i don't keep a log of my food intake, i can get off track and eat a little more than i should, and it'll show.

i also like to pre-plan my workouts the day before. that way when i go to the gym, i can go through my workouts and check off what i did. and with my runs, i can look back and compare run times and see how i've progressed.”

since we last caught up with arlene last summer, she is happily in maintenance mode - which she’s finally figured out is a lifetime commitment. fitbook helped her shift her mindset from “living life fit until i fit into my skinny jeans” to aspiring to live life fit each and every day, regardless of goal-weights, allowing herself a day or two each week to deviate from her typical healthy meal plan.

fitbook in her own words:
“i don’t sweat the piece of birthday cake anymore, and if things do get away from me for a week, i know i have the determination, resources and support to get back on track, thanks to fitbook and friends who keep me accountable. i absolutely love the support and the free extra resources you get by just being a part of the fitlosophy family.

i participated in the #21days2change happiness challenge and enjoyed finding different ways to include gratitude in my day and to acknowledge the things i’ve accomplished and will accomplish with this awesome bod of mine! every day, fitlosophy reminds me that it’s not all about getting a workout in or a meal logged, but it’s about my mental + spiritual health as well. who is my centre, how do i incorporate Him into everything i do, and what does God want for my life? that is what gets me up, moving, and thinking every day.

i’ve already got my goal getter page all laid out for the year. my 2017 goal is more time spent with my family doing healthy things that get us active together. my kids are more involved in and aware of their own health because they see me taking care of myself, and know it’s an aspect of their own lives they should value. my daughter has just started filling out her own monthly goal getter calendar, and has her own fitbook junior. we’ve turned it into a girl thing in our house. we might let the boys join our exclusive group one day :). overall this year, i’d like to keep my goals growing and my waistline the same.

because of fitbook, i’ve developed relationships with fellow fit enthusiasts, and weight-loss journey partners. my family has seen my results and joined me, encouraged me, and kept me accountable. I’m healthier, happier, and growing stronger physically, mentally and emotionally every thankful day.”

when we last spoke with our OG fabfitbooker cristal last fall, she had just crushed a round of #fitbookWhole30, dropping 8 pounds + several inches, plus racking up a laundry list of non-scale victories like clearer skin, greater energy, sharper focus, fewer cravings, improved flexibility, better sleep and no more aches or pains.

fitbook in her own words:
“after whole30 (which actually turned into whole45 because I felt so great), i was gearing up for the holidays and law school exams, so my goal was to keep eating as healthy as i could and working out to survive the holidays and my exams. for the first time in ages, i didn't gain 10 pounds during the holidays! i kept the momentum going pretty well and used fitbook to keep myself on track.

unfortunately, i have been going through a difficult time emotionally with some situations that occurred over the holidays, so my goals right now are not about killing the whole30 challenge or losing weight or working those abs. instead, i am all about taking care of me right now and the only little body God gave me, which is why the timing of #fitbook21 could not have been more perfect! my goals/focus are very mind and soul oriented (i like to call them #soulgoals!), but i tied them to a health + fitness habit. so for example, instead of drinking my usual sugary creamer-loaded coffee each morning, i’ve been drinking tea, and using that as my time to think of others. also, i’ve incorporated light yoga into my bedtime routine as a substitute for television, which has really helped me sleep better. it’s been a perfect little reboot.

i LOVE fitlosophy, because it's not just a fitness company. it's about helping you live a healthy life - mind, body and soul. i found whole30 because of (chief fitlosopher) angela, and i've learned how important journaling is through the fitspirational journals. as a fitbooker, you start building healthy habits into your daily life, and the rest starts to fall into place. before you know it, your pants fit better and there's an extra spring in your step, living life fit and in gratitude!”

[sam + brad]
when we sat down with husband + wife duo brad + sam last fall, they had lost more than 60 pounds combined using fitbook. it changed the way they approached food and fitness, and helped them build an even stronger bond in their marriage.

fitbook in their own words:
we are down a total of 71 pounds now! brad is participating in a 60-day challenge at his office for weight loss and is really excited! i am in love with POUND classes and am participating in the Plexus 60-Day Trim-Up!

i think doing this process together makes us more accountable and really pushes us towards success! we have grown so much closer being able to support one another, celebrate the milestones accomplished, and be there for one another to encourage trying new things when we get stuck. i'm so thankful to have brad do this with me. we want to be healthy for our kids and be able to enjoy life to the fullest, and getting our health on track with fitbook helps us do that!”

wow! talk about swoon-worthy! our hearts are definitely full after this little fitlosophy love sesh. it may not be moonlight and roses, but these love stories will withstand the test of time in our book. hugs + kisses to all our fabulous fitbookers who inspire us with your loyalty, determination and love each + every day!

got a fitbook success story of your own? spread the love! leave us a comment below, shoot us an email, shout us out on social media, or fill out our #fabfitbooker form + we might feature YOU!  we’d love to hear from you!! there’s always room for more valentines here at fitlosophy!

chief fitlosopher's note: (ahem, because yes i read every single word that blesses this blog.) how can i not add 2 cents to the topic which makes my heart so full? and you know me, i never lack in the word department. let me be clear: these faces (and all y'alls, in fact) are what have kept me going for nearly nine years. when you have the opportunity to watch lives change before your eyes and in turn have it change yours in the process...  that, my dear sweet fitbookers is a blessing. thank you for allowing your lives to be an inspiration to mine + so many others.

we heart you!!

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March 08, 2017

Awwwww, thanks for the kind words, Lois!! We are so happy to be a meaningful part of your day! Oh yes – a God thing for sure! :)


February 14, 2017

I did the 21-Day Challenge and that has motivated me to do the 12-Week fitbook. I very much enjoy reading all your stories and uplifting messages. Thank you for being in the right place at the right time for me (and I’m sure others). Definitely a ‘God thing’!! ;-)

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