ever tried peloton? we took this home workout app for a spin + we're obsessed.

hey y’all! katy here to take you for another been there, tried that spin - pun fully intended. the first time i set foot in a soul cycle class, it was a mixture of excitement, intimidation and, quite frankly, fear. excitement that i was about to experience a phenomenon that had taken the world by storm and get a good sweat goin’; intimidation about the fact that everyone else in the holding area looked like perfectly-adorned soul cycle barbies while i was rockin’ 7-year-old yoga leggings and rented spin shoes; fear that it was an inescapable certainty that i’d end up somehow lookin’ a fool in front of a roomful of spin goddesses...and a few spin hunks.

by the time the class ended, i was happily drenched in sweat, albeit even more painfully aware of my inability to simultaneously ride a spin bike
and nail simple choreography set to only the hippest of pop hits. i remember thinking to myself that if only i could find some way to spin from home, i’d be set. and that’s when i discovered the peloton bike

the problem: it just so happened to be right after christmas and our bank account was sliiiiiightly more depleted than usual, because presents. and the peloton spin bike, while absolutely dreamy with all its bells + whistles, was definitely a pretty penny. so i did what any broke, spin-obsessed woman would do - i amazon-primed a more cost-effective spin bike + signed up for the peloton app (a mere $12.99 per month for unlimited access to all the classes you can handle + then some).

i could hardly contain my excitement as i climbed up into the saddle for my very first ride, scrolling through alllll the different options in the peloton app on my iPad until finally landing on my preferred class for the day: a 30-minute bruno mars (yep, you read that right - bruno. mars. SCORE!!) themed ride. i settled in + started peddling. turns out, loving each + every song you’re riding along to really ups your spin game. i didn’t even cheat every time my instructor told me to up the resistance. that’s huge. and there was definitely a little wavin' my arms in the air like i just don't care.

the pros: where do i even begin?? well, for starters, i get to choose my class according to several different filters such as instructor, length or even the type of music - and then i can take said class any time of day. no more being beholden to tight spin-studio schedules. even better: like i mentioned before, many of the instructors do really fantastic themed rides, so i may or may not be known to frequent the 90s-pop-hits classes. and the absolute best part?? no one else will be forced to bear witness to my tragic attempts at spin choreography, as i can jam out to the sounds of b. spears or the backstreet boys from the comfort of my very own home.

the cons: there’s really only one con as far as i’m concerned, and that’s the fact that the actual peloton bike does have more fun features and gadgets, plus the screen is bigger than my iPad screen. also, if you’re really hardcore with wanting to keep up with your stats or compete with your fellow riders throughout your class (i’m just personally not there yet), the peloton bike will be your best bet, as the app doesn’t allow for such things.

the verdict: before i knew it, the class was over + i was again drenched in sweat + drowning in endorphins. i am positively in love with this app. not only is it CRAMMED with amazing classes, it’s super affordable, i can do it anytime in my basement, i genuinely feel like a part of the class, and dang is it great cardio! i highly recommend.

side note: 
our chief fitlosopher, proudly a schwinn cycle instructor (albeit, her class teaching tally is a big fat zero), is always on a mission to find the perfect spin class, so needless to say she's a peloton fan because the class selection ranges from the trendy booty-tappin' + push-uppin' (no bueno in her book) to classically taught classes that feature this incredible feature called resistance, power + impeccable form. she took it upon herself to stalk the local peloton boutique in preparation for this blog - and polled y'all to see if you'd ever tried peloton. only 8% of you have - so consider this a challenge to give this cycling trend a whirl. yes, the bikes are pricey - but start with the app and go from there! it's a budget-friendly way to up your bike game.


what workout are you dying for us to try? leave your thoughts in the comments! 

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January 31, 2018

I have similar feelings about spin classes and a few embarrising choreography moments [for me] hillarious [for others in the class]. My local gym has great instructors but you have to get there an hour before the class starts to put your name on a list which usually doens’t happen for this lady. One hour at the gym is usually my max. I’ve been curious about the Peleton bikes and app for a while. Thanks for the review.

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