the whole30 (60-90) dilemma: join me, won't you?

you know those inspirational images you see on social media that say something to the effect of: “don’t wait until tomorrow to do what you can do today.”?  well, i agree, for the most part. except in the case of starting things on any day other than a monday. sorry, i just can’t wrap my little OCD brain around it. 

and what, might you ask, does this have to do with whole30?

what is whole30?
why did you do it?
what results did you see?
where are your recipes?

hold your horsies. first, my dilemma.

starting my first whole30 on july 4th (a monday, but of course) and officially ending on august 5th, this is where my dilemma ensued. the monday prior to wrapping up my first whole30 was august 1st, so the OCD in me felt compelled to start my 2nd whole30 and just keep going. and now it’s august 30th and herein lies my dilemma: when (and will) i stop? i won’t. #cantstopwontstop (yet).

i blame the brilliant marketing of the whole30 team who announced the #septemberwhole30, which starts on labor day (09/05) – obviously a monday, duh.  but here’s the thing: it ends the first week in october, conveniently when melissa hartwig’s new book, food freedom forever, launches. and so, my whole30-turned-whole60 is now my soon-to-be-whole90.

and here’s where you can relate, my fitbookers: 90 days = 1 fitbook or 2 fitbook lites, so stopping at whole60 is just nonsense. and so onward, whole90 it is! 

disclaimer: the purpose of this post is to share my whole30 experience; i'm no expert and you can learn all about whole30 online, but here the basics (from my humble perspective).

so what IS whole30?

it’s not a diet.
it’s a lifestyle. this is like the holy grail of what fitlosophy is all about, so it was easy for me to get on board with this concept.

you can do anything for 30 days.
the tough love approach of the program’s creator, melissa hartwig, works for me.

“beating cancer is hard. having a baby is hard. drinking your coffee black. is. not. hard.”

she goes on to state that there’s no excuse for slipping up. (this cracks me up): unless you physically tripped and your face landed in a box of doughnuts, there is no “slip”.  reminds me of the quote i put in our very first fitbook years ago: “lose the excuses. they don’t get you any closer to your goals.” boom, tough love.

the rules are easy.
however, flawless execution requires vigilance. even though the rules are clear, you have to be careful because non-whole-30-approved foods are lurking nearly everywhere, even in “health foods”. the book + website guide you, and my job isn’t to be the go-to on all things whole30. as melissa would say, “you’re an adult – you can read.” (okay, she didn’t say that exactly, but that’s her approach in essence – and i like it).

here’s what to avoid.
sugar + sugar substitutes, alcohol, grains, dairy, legumes (peanuts masquerade as a nut, but are actually a legume, which my fellow friends fans already know), or any SWOPs, meaning don’t try to recreate a dessert, treat, pancake, or pastry using (technically) whole30-approved ingredients. the goal of whole30 goes beyond food, attempting to alter your habits + emotions around food as well.

here's what to eat.
um, lots of vegetables, fruits, tons of protein, and healthy fats (in moderation). not just what, but how you eat and how much, is a pivotal part of this program, which encourages you to eat three complete meals and limit snacking. the test for me: unless you’re hungry enough to eat a hardboiled egg, you’re not that hungry. think about it: most of the time you’re snacking, it’s to satisfy a craving. however, if you are truly hungry – have a healthy (balanced) snack.

don't weigh.
lastly: don't weigh yourself or take measurements for 30 days and focus on non-scale victories. i'm not a fan of the scale anyway, so this was easy for me. truth be told, i started this secretly hoping a few pounds would just melt away in the process. but more on that later.

can i just say that i'm beyond proud of myself for having followed these rules like a pro for the past 60 days?

  • not a drop of cream: me? the cream loving coffee shop entrepreneur? yes, coffee. it’s a thing now. like i've come to love my jet black, dark roast coffee, freshly made in my percolator each morning. i tried a coconut/almond milk creamer with no-sugar-added, but honestly, i just love me my black cup o' joe better.
  • not a sip of alcohol: yes, i’ve mastered the art of the faux-jito. that is basically a mojito sans sugar + alcohol. just club soda with muddled mint + lime. i've found that tipping the bartender a few extra bucks is worth it because rarely do they charge for this – but i appreciate them crafting me a mocktail, nonetheless. tip: these are key to avoiding the awkward "why-i'm-not-drinking" convos at the bar.
  • not an ounce of grains, dairy or sugar: (okay, except for once at communion, but c’mon, i have my limits. plus it was gluten-free.) eating out is difficult, but when i do, i check menus beforehand + tip nicely because frankly, i appreciate them accommodating my “can you make sure it’s not sautéed in butter? can you have those veggies steamed with nothing added? no, i can’t have gluten-free bread but thank you for the offer.” poor waiters. but be kind, seriously…tip well.

now, it hasn’t been perfect, and when i share my whole90 results at the end of september, i'll share my struggles too. but here’s the thing: there’s no such thing as a “perfect whole30”. the perfectionist in me is learning that (as with life) you just continue to refine your approach. some of our beliefs and habits around food are so deeply ingrained in us that it may take more than 30 days…or 60…or even 90. but imagine how much you miss out on if you never even start?

i'm gonna hold off on sharing my entire experience until after my whole90, because well, truth be told: i want you to do it with me. if you’re even a teensy bit curious, learn more about it online – and then commit to 30 days and we’ll do it together!

here’s how:

commit to join #septemberwhole30 on their website + they’ll send emails and all the info to you. then comment below + tell me if you’re in!!

because i love you, i put together what i consider to be the essential whole30 toolkit

buy the first book, it starts with food, like now and get that read before monday, september 5th (when #septemberwhole30 starts!) – it’s a quick read. 

get a fresh new fitbook lite which gives you enough room to finish your whole30, plus an extra 2 weeks for the reintroduction phase (which she covers in the book).

follow along on instagram as i post recipes + whole30 updates daily – tag me in your posts so i can hold you accountable too.

WIN a copy of the whole30 cookbook by checking back here on monday. um how awesome is this: the creator melissa hartwig signed a copy for me and i have an extra one lying around so i'll be giving away a copy to one lucky fitbooker AND posting my go-to whole30 recipes for the busy bee!  mark your calendar: monday, september 5th. because all good things start on monday.

so throughout the month of september, we’ll be in this together. so far i've totally suckered my dad into doing this, as well as a few fitbookers, a handful of friends, and others on social media. what i love: it’s viral. don't discount the impact you can have on your circle of friends. you might just inspire someone to do it with you!

are you in? comment below. tell me! then post the "i'm doing whole30" pic (above) on social media + tag @whole30 + @fitbook with the caption: "@fitbook totally suckered me into doing #septemberwhole30!" (or something like that). let's do this!

your fearless leader,

p.s. i gain nothing + make zero dinero by you joining – frankly, i just love it and want my fitbookers to experience it first-hand. don’t be pansies about it – it’s not that hard, and it’ll be oh-so-worth-it.

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September 04, 2016

My daughter and I did the whole 30 to address done fundamental health issues. I also wanted to lose some weight. After #whole30 round one I only list 3 lbs but almost 2 sizes. I feel good and I have been whole30ish throughout the last 3 weeks. I gave not gained anything but I can say that eating like before.. Makes me feel sick. I am looking forward to #septemberwhole30

Kayla Brown
Kayla Brown

September 02, 2016

Yes! I’m doing the #SeptemberWhole30! It will be my second round!


September 02, 2016

I’m in! I’ve heard a lot of great things about whole 30. I actually started reading the book today

Lynne Saltz
Lynne Saltz

August 30, 2016

Angela, I’m in. Thanks for the push. xoxo

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