turkey day meal prep + 10 recipes for healthy sides

November 13, 2016


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thanksgiving is notorious for yielding an inordinate amount of leftovers. so what better time to introduce our brand new addition to the fitlosophy family to keep holiday portions in check? we give you……….(drumroll pleeeease!)……….the fitportions meal prep set!

it’s been well documented that people who meal prep and log their food are healthier overall. when you take the time to prep healthy meals + snacks in advance, you’re much less likely to give in to last-minute fast food or takeout, automatically upping the odds of crushing your goals.

our mission has always been to inspire people to live a healthy, active lifestyle by motivating and supporting them with innovative products that not only work in conjunction with one another, but fit seamlessly into any fitness regimen or meal plan. so when we came up with our meal prep set, we wanted to create a tool that would marry meal prep + portion control, taking guesswork and clutter of multiple measuring cups out of the equation. 

here’s how it works: three glass bowls - all marked with serving sizes right there on the bowl - make proper portioning during meal prep a breeze. simply fill the bowls to the desired line, pop the lids on and they’re good to go. 

the biggest bowl holds up to 2 cups, with a line denoting the 1-cup mark, making it a perfect choice for greens and veggies (or a yummy salad using up some of that leftover turkey).

the medium-sized bowl holds up to 1 cup, with a 1/2-cup line as well, which is excellent for grains or proteins (well hello, sweet potato casserole!). 

the smallest bowl holds anywhere between 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup, a perfect size for healthy fats like avocado, nuts, or salad dressing (orrrrr a little dollop of that sweet cranberry sauce - hey, it's all about moderation, people!). just fill up each bowl to the desired line and you’re done! no guessing, no measuring, no problem.  

    best part: this little set of 3 nesting bowls are made from glass, making them the healthiest toxin-free way to prep, store + munch your meals. add bpa-free leak-proof lids and boom, you're good to go. literally!

    want some healthy thanksgiving sides to gobble up for turkey day? we've got 10 healthy side dishes to battle the holiday bulge. whether you're craving oven-roasted brussels sprouts with bacon or a healthy spin on sweet potato mash, we've got you covered. 

    what’s your favorite meal prep trick to get your thanksgiving meal on the table? let us know in the comments below. and happy thanksgiving to our fitbookers - we are oh-so-grateful for you!

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