#fabfitbooker bestie edition: how 2 BFFs reached their goals together

friendship bracelets are so 2000  + late. friendship fitbooks are where the real magic happens. just ask best friends nikki and veronica - not only do they work together at the Aspen Clinic for medical weight loss, they work out together too, journaling their way to BFF bliss.

check out the blog to find out what happened when these buff besties added accountability into their health routines.


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#fabfitbooker jen: how she went from bullied to biceps

jen has always been athletic, but as an overweight kid, she struggled with bullying growing up. as the teasing worsened, she channeled her upset into something positive - nurturing her own health and well-being, making small, but meaningful changes like serving up proper portions and cutting out soda. when she started seeing progress, she felt the boost of confidence she needed to start hitting the gym. then a friend introduced her to fitbook.

check out the blog to find out how this young girl battled bullying to build strong biceps. 


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#fabfitbooker wayne gets wed!

all-star fab fitbooker wayne has made some big gains since we last caught up with him in february - namely, he’s gained a wife! five years after first meeting at a hockey game, avid sports fans wayne + janice have finally made it official, tying the knot in a beautiful beachfront ceremony.

check out the blog to find out how this cute couple did some major sweating for the wedding!


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#fabfitbooker daddy edition: a proud papa’s tale of love + (weight) loss

one might say that without this fabfitbooker, there would be no fitbook at all. why? because not only did mr. mader father our chief fitlosopher, he nurtured her entrepreneurial spirit from the day that his spunky, curly-mopped 7-year-old declared she was going into business.

which worked out well for rick, as nearly three decades later, this proud papa wielded his baby girl’s flagship fitbook to help him lose weight, ditch the meds, and get hooked on whole30.

check out the blog to find out what happened when fitbook's founding father embarked upon his health journey with his fitbook (and little girl) by his side.


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#21days2summer: join our healthy habits challenge!

the 3-week countdown to toasty temps + bare buns is onwhich means it’s time to take things up a notch. now, we’re not big proponents of that whole crash-dieting-to-fit-into-a-bikini thing, but we are so down with picking up a few extra healthy habits to help us start our summer with a bang(in’ healthy bod).

wanna get in on this?? check out the blog to find out how you can win big just by following along as we countdown to summer with daily goal-getting challenges for the next 21 days.



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can this bulletproof morning ritual result in weight loss? [recipe]

hey, y’all! katy here, your friendly resident fit foodie. here at fitlosophy, we talk a lot about gratitude. some might even say we shout about it from the rooftops - hence our adorable assortment of fitspiration gratitude journals. but i’m just gonna be honest: i’d gotten out of the habit lately. why? after a lifetime of being the “petite” one, of being a size 2, of never really having to worry about my weight, i suddenly + mysteriously found myself on the receiving end of more than 10 extra pounds. 

check out the blog to see how my new morning ritual (hint: it involves gratitude) is helping me ditch the pounds.


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#fabfitbooker meg part II: how this RD used fitbook to transform her workplace

registered dietitian meg had so much success losing her baby weight with fitbook that when she developed a healthy weight loss challenge for her co-workers as part of the company’s employee wellness initiatives, she made our 12-week fitness + nutrition journal the centerpiece of the program.

find out what happened when meg's fellow healthcare professionals battled to become the biggest loser (and collectively lose 81lbs) - fitbooks in hand! 


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#fabfitbooker meg: how an RD used fitbook to reach her goals

as an RD, meg definitely knows more than most about health, wellness and nutrition. that, coupled with the fact that she’s an active person, meant that maintaining a healthy weight was relatively effortless for her...until she had her second child. those last 10 stubborn pounds of baby weight just did not seem to want to come off.

check out the blog to find out how fitbook helped meg go the extra mile and lose the baby weight once and for all.


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#fabfitbooker leah: from bridesmaid to weight-loss crusade

after struggling with her weight for years and gaining about 100 pounds over the course of her college career, leah was the heaviest she’d ever been. she tried a couple fad diets and cleanses, but after a while, she half-heartedly convinced herself that she was happy with her weight, proud even - until she was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. unable to bring herself to even look at the wedding photos, she decided it was time to make a change.

check out the blog to find out how leah turned things around with the help of our little fitbook!

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#fitbookerlove: we heart you.

this valentine’s day, we’re forgoing the typical candy hearts + love poems, in favor of celebrating the greatest loves of our lives: our fabfitbookers. now don’t get us wrong - we embrace any holiday that pays homage to L-O-V-E, but let’s be honest, this day can be quite a bummer for those of us who have yet to find our lobster (no FRIENDS reference left unturned over here, #notsorry).  

in honor of this day of love, we caught up with a few of our #fabfitbooker crushes to see what they’ve been up to since we last talked. check out the blog to read all about our forever valentines, the reason we do what we do, the ones who warm our hearts.


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