our very own marketing + community creator is PREGGERS!!! could we BE any more excited?! as a health-conscious person, laura already knows that the best way to bake up the healthiest possible lil' bun in that oven of hers is through clean eating + a sensible exercise routine. but laura has an extra little secret weapon to ensure she approaches her pregnancy as the (wo)man with a plan: our 40-week fitbook mama2b.

visit the blog to get the scoop on laura's pregnancy + to find out how mama2b helped her get through her first trimester, nausea + all.


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swimsuit shopping + body confidence aren't words most women would ever dare join together in one sentence. because let’s be real: wrestling our way into a teeny bikini (on top of our undies, to boot) + standing back to behold the dimpled results beneath the most unforgiving of fluorescent lighting? not our best look. but we owe it to ourselves to make the most of those steamy summer days, oozing with confidence.

need a little boost to get through this year’s bathing suit browsing? head to the blog for 4 tips for swimsuit shopping with confidence - and a healthy dose of humor. 


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the 3-week countdown to toasty temps + bare buns is onwhich means it’s time to take things up a notch. now, we’re not big proponents of that whole crash-dieting-to-fit-into-a-bikini thing, but we are so down with picking up a few extra healthy habits to help us start our summer with a bang(in’ healthy bod).

wanna get in on this?? check out the blog to find out how you can win big just by following along as we countdown to summer with daily goal-getting challenges for the next 21 days.



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let’s face it: no matter how awesome your bod is, we all aim to banish the bloat before we slip on that bathing suit + prance around the pool. it’s just human nature. which is why we’ve got the tips that’ll trim that tummy just in time for summer fun in the sun! 

check out the blog for 5 surefire ways to beat the bloat before you (pool) float.


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hey, y’all! katy here, your friendly resident fit foodie. here at fitlosophy, we talk a lot about gratitude. some might even say we shout about it from the rooftops - hence our adorable assortment of fitspiration gratitude journals. but i’m just gonna be honest: i’d gotten out of the habit lately. why? after a lifetime of being the “petite” one, of being a size 2, of never really having to worry about my weight, i suddenly + mysteriously found myself on the receiving end of more than 10 extra pounds. 

check out the blog to see how my new morning ritual (hint: it involves gratitude) is helping me ditch the pounds.


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what would we do without our moms?? after all, who else is our first nurturer, our first teacher + our first love, all wrapped into one wonderful woman? and whether you’re fortunate enough to celebrate this mother's day with your own mother, or spending it remembering all the things you miss about her, one thing’s for sure - she sure did teach us a lot.

check out the blog for a few of the life lessons our darling mothers imparted upon us that really stuck.  

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registered dietitian meg had so much success losing her baby weight with fitbook that when she developed a healthy weight loss challenge for her co-workers as part of the company’s employee wellness initiatives, she made our 12-week fitness + nutrition journal the centerpiece of the program.

find out what happened when meg's fellow healthcare professionals battled to become the biggest loser (and collectively lose 81lbs) - fitbooks in hand! 


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what is it about weddings that drives us to attain an unreasonable level of perfection? like when our teeny-tiny size-two tianna proclaims she needs to shed in order to wed before she walks down that aisle (like tomorrow!!!). i mean this girl is fit to a T(ianna) and even she wants to feel her absolute best on her big day!  the truth is, we all want to feel fabulous - especially when special events like weddings are looming. but let's be real, when those “something old” dresses no longer slip right over your hips, feeling your best is a pretty tall order. 

get tips on the blog for something new, something borrowed + something blue that will have you feeling like a million bucks come wedding season!

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happy earth day, fitbookers! ok, so yes, we are paper people, but we’ve definitely got a few tricks up our responsibly sourced, organic cotton sleeves for taking good care of mother earth. like, did you know that our beloved fitbook is printed on 50% recycled paper? yeah, we're awesome like that.

check out the blog for 
5 more healthy habits to do your part + show mother earth some love on earth day - and every day!

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let's face it, tax season can definitely be a drag. but, this tedious task does have one awesome silver (or should we call it green?) lining: a little extra moolah for your spending pleasure. and what better way to spend your hard-earned cash than by reinvesting it in your own health?

check out the blog for a few of our favorite healthy ways to use your tax refund this year.

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