4 recipes powered by coffee to keep you caffeinated

by this point, everyone is well aware that our chief fitlosopher is a bonafide brew addict - no shame in her coffee-grinding game! so we really wanted to give her some new recipes to perk up her java repertoire - recipes that go beyond your average cup o' joe.  

head on over to the blog for a few of our top non-beverage, coffee-infused percolated picks to give you an extra little pep in your step morning, noon, or night.


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want a week's worth of quick, easy breakfasts? try this 7-day meal prep plan.

the fact is that even the most chipper of morning persons often has trouble getting out the door well-fed and on-time. know what solves that dilemma? two words: meal prep. with the lazy days of summer drawing to a close and back-to-school and busier work schedules on the horizon, it’s never been more crucial to have easy, healthy options available for those hectic early mornings. and with just a little extra prep on sunday, you can have a week’s worth of anything-but-basic breakfasts in your fridge come monday. 

check out the blog for three of our faves for seven days of easy grab + go morning meals that will revolutionize your routine.


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cool it: 3 healthy ice pops to beat the summer heat

when it’s the middle of summer + you can’t seem to make it from the house to the mailbox without dripping sweat, popsicles never disappoint! the only problem: store-bought ‘sicles are far too often filled with refined sugars + all kinds of artificial flavors + colorings we can’t even pronounce. but you know what they say - if ya want somethin’ done right, ya gotta do it yourself. 

get the recipes for 3 easy fitlosophyzed pops packed with real-food ingredients that you can feel good about slurping down on all summer long!  


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the one little tool you need to snack smart while on-the-road

there’s something about travel that brings on some major snack attacks. whether flying, driving or hiking, all that schlepping works up quite an appetite. i mean, who wants to be caught on a cross-country flight watching in-flight entertainment sans snacks?? not us. so what’s a summer sightseer to do?

from a portable breakfast parfait to grown-up lunchables, visit the blog to see how we pack our snacks with healthy combos suitable for every type of tripper.


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hot trend alert: banish bloat + beautify your routine with activated charcoal.

when our blog editor was tasked with trying out the latest trend in food + beauty, activated charcoal, she was pretty pumped. the only problem: where would she even begin?? charcoal is so hot (pun intended) right now, it’s everywhere - in face masks, cleansers, even baked goods. and why not? it’s a fantastic, all-natural remedy for bloating, gas + hangovers (whether of the alcohol or food variety), and its varied beautifying capabilities are legendary.

check out the blog to find out what happened when our blog editor got her charcoal on - from satisfying sippers to tasty facials.


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grilling? 4 summer recipes to bbq from brunch 'til lunch.

summer is just about here, which means that the thought of standing over a hot stove all day long isn’t exactly the most appealing prospect to entertain. we might even try to outwit the summer heat by serving up solely no-bake fare, but after a few days of smoothies, sandwiches + cold salads, we always start jonesing for a hot meal. this is where the grill is a godsend. all your cooking can be done poolside, and you won’t be stuck inside baking in a hot kitchen.

we're totally fan-grilling over these 4 recipes that will have you cooking over coals from brunch 'til lunch - dessert included!


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can we taco 'bout these 3 recipes? perfect for a fit fiesta.

can we taco 'bout our love of this mexican miracle of a meal? i mean, we can’t help but go a little loco with the fitlosophyzed mex-inspired recipes. now we're taking our taco-love to a whole new level, because this food fiesta is far too bueno to only enjoy on taco tuesday or cinco de mayo. come on, who doesn’t dream of tacos for breakfast, lunch + dinner??

arriba on over to the blog to check out tres terrific tacos that’ll definitely have you saying sí sí sí! 



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cutting down on food waste in your kitchen? try these 3 recipes.

on average, americans toss about 33 pounds of food in the trash every single month. by making a concerted effort to produce zero food waste, we can keep much of that discarded larder out of our landfills + in our bellies where it belongs. it’s actually not as difficult as you may think to get started. bonus: it works wonders on your wallet too!

from crockpot bone broth to carrot top chimichurri, we've got 3 zero-waste recipes designed to utilize every last morsel of that grocery haul. 

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preparing for a heavenly easter brunch? try these 3 healthy recipes!

we’re so not above sneaking a jelly bean or two from the kids’ easter basket each year, but in an effort to balance out that sugar buzz out - and pay homage to this holy day, of course - we try to keep the rest of the easter eats a little more heavenly in the nutrition department. 

hop on over to the blog to score our menu for an easter brunch feast that’s fit for the King himself.


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oh-em-ghee, you butter try making this at home.

the number one question we hear about ghee: what the heck is ghee?? a fair question. it is kind of a funny name. in short, ghee is basically clarified butter - only better. it’s the result of heating butter to brown + remove the milk solids (where the lactose + casein protein are) + the water, leaving behind a deeeeeeeeliciously nutty, amber-hued liquid gold that is oh-em-ghee, so good - and good FOR you!

you'd butter head on over to the blog to score the insanely delicious recipe from our chief fitlosopher's daddy himself! bonus: julia child impersonation for your viewing pleasure.

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