5 things our chief fitlosopher does every single day

our chief fitlosopher is admittedly, a creature of habit. like, planning + structure are her jam. unfortunately, a busy lifestyle doesn’t always make it easy to stick to a routine, but there are a few things she pretty much never skips, busy or not.

check out the blog for 5 things our chief does every. single. day.


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fitbook: a decade, a door + a deal

each + every year we commemorate fitbook taking another trip around the sun - often entailing party hats + cake pops for my journal-baby personified, sometimes launching new products, but always including a somewhat sappy blog post from our chief fitlosopher. and this year is no different - except for one thing: it’s very different. this year marks a decade-long history for fitlosophy’s first + flagship product, fitbook. that one simple idea has been at the forefront of innovation for this brand for over 10 years. TEN.

and it was in our tenth year of business that this little-brand-that-could was presented with the ultimate opportunity - one that oftentimes only knocks once in a lifetime, and literally blessed our business socks off. 

check out the blog to find out how our chief white-knuckled her way through the past decade, beat down doors + never stopped knockin’, taking fitlosophy from a single idea to wall street in 10 years' time.


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this is why food journaling works.

weight-loss is a $60 billion per year industry. let that sink in. SIXTY. BILLION. that means that at any given time, most of us have bought into some sort of weight-loss program - whether by purchasing a slim-down shake or attempting a new-fad cleanse or hiring a personal trainer at the gym. but through all those attempts at losing a few lbs, there’s one piece of the puzzle that many have probably never even heard of: food journaling.

find out why this paper-based planning method trumps technology  - and why you're more likely to reach those health goals with a food journal in hand. 


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wanna punch up your cardio? try this double-whammy of a boxing workout.

getting tired of the same ol' cardio? good news: in the latest edition of been there, tried that we punch up the ante (literally) as we give boxing a go. we didn't just try any ol' boxing workout. no, this was a high-energy, music-filled, sweat-soaked boxing class that had us hooked at first hit. read about the latest workout that has us pretty pumped up - because not only will you sweat, but this double-whammy of a workout also builds strength!
check out the blog for our take on this latest workout craze. you might just become (right) hooked.


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wanna move more + stress less? try this new program.

sick of all those restrictive diets + extreme workouts? then keep reading. because we’ve got the low-down on a promising new program that’ll knock your socks off, no calorie-counting or tire-tossing required. we caught up with our chief fitlosopher + the proud creator of the 6-week COMEBACK to get the deets on this low-stress gameplan + answer all your pressing questions.

are you ready for a COMEBACK? visit the blog to go behind the scenes + find out if it's a good fit for you.


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10 women who are #goals

the ultimate strong woman, amelia earhart, once said “the woman who can create her own job is the woman who will win fame and fortune.” we couldn’t agree more. and while fame + fortune has never been our ultimate endgame (although let’s face it - it wouldn’t hurt!), nothing inspires us more than women who forge fiercely ahead after their goals + create their own destinies.

sashay on over to the blog for an homage to 10 females on fiyah who have not only taken the business world by storm, but also elegantly prioritize family, faith + fitness.


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comparison is the thief of JOY.

listening to a recent on one of our chief's (many) long walks, she heard the author of the ever-popular well-fed paleo cookbooks, mel joulwan, address the topic of comparison as being the thief of joy. she explained that oftentimes what sets us back isn’t comparing ourselves to others, but rather to former “better” versions of ourselves. what followed: a deer-in-headlights epiphany for our chief.

as our chief closes in her "attackiversary", visit the blog to read about the incident that made a failed attempt to steal, (literally) kill + destroy our chief fitlosopher's joy. and find out how she's avoided the comparison trap that threatened to steal it again.


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the one muscle you're probably not flexing.

chief fitlosopher, here. 
i am a lot of things. respectful of differences. disturbed by inequality. informed on truth. and aware of reality. but there is one thing that i am not: silenced by popular opinion. so often we either cower to not offend or the opposite – speak out with disregard or disrespect. but i would argue that there’s mellower middle that still moves the needle. admittedly, i sit back and observe at times, because frankly i've found that quiet kindness changes more hearts than combat. but as of late (like today), i've opted to step out in faith, be bold + in kindness share a little piece of my heart.

read about the culmination of an idea 3 years in the making, months of drafts, plenty of prayers, texts, and even a few tears: our NEW fitspiration faith + fitness journal!


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how our chief fitlosopher finally found food freedom

spoiler alert: since our chief fitlosopher's last novel-length update on her fourth round of whole30, she's giddy to report progress. her jeans are feeling a little looser, her tummy is slightly slimmer, arms are getting stronger with muscle tone making a long-awaited return, and her backside is a tad-bit perkier. and with numerous non-scale victories this round, she's fairly certain her wonder woman-esque weightlifting workouts coupled with continued clean eating is (finally) starting to pay off. still, this time around, she was determined to conquer that vital puzzle piece she conveniently skipped over last time: the reintroduction phase.

check out the blog to read her not-so-brief, slightly-TMI synopsis of her reintroduction regimen. 


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whole30 take 4: our chief’s post-trauma road to recovery

as you may recall, our chief fitlosopher (along with her 60-ish-year-old father) embarked on this thing called whole30 just one year ago. and you also may recall that what started as whole30 evolved into whole60, then whole90, as they enthusiastically wanted to finish out their efforts with a #septemberwhole30 bang. the culmination: a bunch of lost pounds and a plethora of non-scale victories too numerous to list. end scene. but that, our fab fitbookers, was unfortunately just the beginning.

after a horrific "incident," find out how a trauma-induced mind-shift has led to freedom from food + fitness idolatry for our scrappy little chief fitlosopher as she gives whole30 another go.


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