do those magazine workouts really work? we put them to the test.

imagine this: you’re on a plane or a train or at the dentist’s office or at home on the sofa, reading your health magazine, gettin’ all enthused over the bum-boosting moves they’ve so graciously laid out for you. in your excitement, you rip out the page, and stash it away, determined to break it out during your next workout….and then you never actually do. despite the best intentions, you lose track of the page, you leave it lying around the house somewhere, it ends up crumpled in the bottom of your purse, forgotten forever.

our resident been there, tried that expert took it upon herself to put a few of these magazine workouts to the test to see, once + for all, if they really work! 

check out the blog to see how she revamped her routine in just 5 short days.


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ready to feel the brrrn? keep cool with this workout.

we’ve tried a lot of different workouts at this point - boxingcountry zumbayoga with a goat on our back (no seriously), but none intrigued us quite as much as the frosty phenom that’s taking over NYC: brrrn. their gimmick? while most other fitness studios endeavor to keep their clients comfortable at room temperature, brrrn ices out the competition (and their patrons) entirely by cooling their studio to temps as low as 45 degrees. 

check out the blog to find out how we fared with this frosty workout!


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hot trend alert: banish bloat + beautify your routine with activated charcoal.

when our blog editor was tasked with trying out the latest trend in food + beauty, activated charcoal, she was pretty pumped. the only problem: where would she even begin?? charcoal is so hot (pun intended) right now, it’s everywhere - in face masks, cleansers, even baked goods. and why not? it’s a fantastic, all-natural remedy for bloating, gas + hangovers (whether of the alcohol or food variety), and its varied beautifying capabilities are legendary.

check out the blog to find out what happened when our blog editor got her charcoal on - from satisfying sippers to tasty facials.


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wanna punch up your cardio? try this double-whammy of a boxing workout.

getting tired of the same ol' cardio? good news: in the latest edition of been there, tried that we punch up the ante (literally) as we give boxing a go. we didn't just try any ol' boxing workout. no, this was a high-energy, music-filled, sweat-soaked boxing class that had us hooked at first hit. read about the latest workout that has us pretty pumped up - because not only will you sweat, but this double-whammy of a workout also builds strength!
check out the blog for our take on this latest workout craze. you might just become (right) hooked.


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feeling stressed? banish it in just 10 minutes per day by doing this.

our resident content creator katy is not exactly a model student when it comes to practices that involve sitting still or quieting your mind. the one + only time she tried acupuncture, she was in agony the entire visit. in fact, she spent the entire appointment thinking about all of the other more important things she needed to be doing with her precious half-hour.  but here’s the thing: with 3 rambunctious boys under the age of 9, momma can use a little more calm in her life. 

find out how just 5 days of adding this daily ritual to her day has helped banish stress + soothe her soul.


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ever tried peloton? we took this home workout app for a spin + we're obsessed.

our resident been there, tried that guinea pig katy is here to take you for another spin - pun fully intended. the first time katy set foot in an indoor cycling class, it was a mixture of excitement, intimidation and, quite frankly, fear. by the time the class ended, she was happily drenched in sweat, albeit even more painfully aware of her inability to simultaneously ride a spin bike and nail simple choreography set to only the hippest of pop hits. she thought to herself that if only i could find some way to cycle from home, she’d be set.

ride on over to the blog to find out what happened when katy discovered the peloton app + all her at-home spin dreams came true.


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the one workout you’ll want to do (si-do) every day

what terrifying task had our been there, tried that guinea pig shaking in her boots? two words: Zumba Country. unlike our country-music-crazed, line-dance-loving, down-home country girl (and square-dancing, barrel-racing, rodeo princess...yes, you read that right) of a chief fitlosopher, katy was a wee bit apprehensive to don a pair of boots + get her do-si-do on. bonus: we have video footage, y'all!

find out what happened when katy booted up (ok, she did it in sneakers, but still...) + hoed down.


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ever done yoga with a goat? we did "goga" - and here's what happened.

our resident been there tried that guinea pig has tried it all: rowingintermittent fasting + aerial silks. and now, brace yourselves for the challenge she took on this month: goga - aka goat yoga. 

head on over to the blog to find out what the heck goat yoga even is - and whether or not you should give it a go(at)! this hilarious read will have you laughing all the way to the farm.


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are you due for a breast self-exam? try this brief-booby ritual.

after 35 years of ample opportunity, our resident fitlosophy foodie + blog editor katy had never tried a breast self-exam...until now. find out what happens when she finally gives the girls a go. get a step-by-step (g-rated) guide to check your girls for breast cancer awareness month.

check out the blog to find out how this brief-booby ritual might just save your life.


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we tried an aerial silks class...and we’re flipping out. here’s why.

in this month's edition of been there, tried that, we test out a popular, new workout trend: an aerial silks class. not only do you get the benefits of multiple inversions (they’re great for your heart, your brain, your lymphatic system, your core, your balance + your mood) + some killer stretching, but you also get the confidence boost that comes with testing your limits + achieving something new.

check out the blog to see why our sweet southern belle katy absolutely flipped (get it?) for this workout.


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