spring cleaning this weekend? add these 8 tips to your to-do list.

out with the old + in with the new! that’s our motto when it comes to spring cleaning. sure, it might seem daunting when you look around at everything that needs to be done, but if you split it up over the course of an entire weekend, it’s actually highly doable! that’s why we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a comprehensive list of spring-cleaning to-dos that can all be tackled in a couple days’ time. just think, you could be one short weekend away from a fresh, clean space that’ll see you through summer! just do one thing at a time.

[upgrade your food storage]
still using the same old ziplocs + plastic chinese-takeout containers from three years ago for all your food storage needs? well, it’s time for an upgrade. and just in time, too: our fan favorite snackstak is back in black! gone are the days of shoving multiple plastic baggies in your bag. bonus: you cut down on waste saving money +  doing good for God's green earth!

2 [clean out your closet]
you know that closet clean-out rule-of-thumb: haven’t worn it in a year? get rid of it. and it turns out that one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure! instead of tossing those unwanted items in the trash, you can upcycle them with thredup.com. just order their clean out kit, toss your discards in the package + send it back for them to sell in their online consignment shop. you’ll eliminate waste AND score some moolah off those old clothes. best part: they have an earth-friendly operating philosophy that adds a stylish spin to reduce, reuse, recycle, repeat.

[overhaul your workout gear]
all clothes + accessories show signs of wear sooner or later, but workout gear in particular really gets put through the ringer. think about it: absorbing profuse sweat or carrying around your stinky gym shoes all day isn’t exactly a glamorous job. these items should be replaced much more often than your average tee or bag. added bonus: nothing inspires consistency at the gym quite like brand new workout duds

[tidy up your bookshelves]
let’s be honest with ourselves: there are alllll kinds of books on those bookshelves that haven’t seen their spines cracked in ages. lighten your load by donating them to your local library - or giving them away to friends you think would enjoy them, depending on what kind of condition they’re in. plus, this means there’ll be less to dust + more room for fresh new reads!

5 [change out your air filters]
you should be changing out your air filters every three months anyway, but if you’re anything like us, odds are you’re lucky if it happens once or twice a year. use spring cleaning as a reminder to switch out that old, dusty filter for a fresh one - especially important when there are all kinds of seasonal allergens clogging up the air. always keep extras on hand for quick, easy changes.

6 [replenish your office supplies]
pens are like the socks of the office world - they disappear without a trace, never to be seen again until you’re cleaning out your car one day + find a stockpile of about 20 in your center console. and don’t even get us started on how quickly we go through sticky notes. words cannot possibly describe the euphoric feeling that washes over you when there’s a bag of fresh office supplies in your hand. spring is the perfect time for adding one of our nifty fitbook pens to every purse - seriously, y'all love these pint-size critters almost as much as you love fitbook

7[refresh your fridge]
we know we’ll get moans + groans about this one, because let’s face it - we all have that leftover chili or old bundle of celery that’s been shoved to the back of the fridge for months, festering. well it’s time to conquer it! step 1: clear everyyyyyyyything OUT - and we mean everything. step 2: wipe down all the shelves + nooks + crannies with a solution of warm water + dish soap. step 3: scrub particularly stubborn stains with baking soda. step 4: wipe everything down with a dish towel to dry. step 5: return only the things you actually plan on using to your sparkling clean fridge.

8 [make your garden great again]
we see that neglected garden out there - dead cucumber vines leftover from last summer, newly sprung mint that survived the winter has taken over, spring weeds popping up like, well, weeds. now that the last frost has most likely passed, it’s time to get out there + take back control of those beds. uproot any plants that didn’t make it, evict the weeds, mix in rich, new soil, plant new crops. come summer harvest, you’ll thank springtime you profusely!  


so which of these will you be starting with this weekend? commit to the clean! share your progress pics with us on social. what’s on your spring cleaning to-do list? share in the comments below!

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