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June 19, 2018


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when you think of a drugstore, you might not automatically envision healthy snacks lining the shelves. and while we can’t blame you for this assumption (why do they always have to test our willpower with that checkout-counter candy?!), we were majorly impressed upon learning that CVS was the first drugstore to discontinue cigarette sales. and now, there’s even more to love about CVS: our dream seek achieve fitspiration journal gracing the shelves of the journal aisle in 7,864 CVS stores nationwide!

we stopped by our local CVS on a recent road trip to check in on our journal baby in its new home + stock up on some snacks, and we were pleasantly surprised by all the healthy options we happened upon. here are a few of the finds we grabbed on-the-go:

in the journal aisle:

[dream seek achieve fitspiration journal]
duh, of course we had to shout out our very own newly minted CVS star! just like all of our fitspiration journals, this one is loaded up with 16 weeks' worth of space for jotting gratitudes, setting goals + tracking everything from your food to your mood - with bonus little bites of inspiration peppered throughout. what's more: this is a perfect lil' tool to tote along to jot down travel adventures, while keeping your health goals in check. 

in the health + fitness aisle:

[vega protein + greens protein powder]
one of our absolute favorite plant-based proteins, this one has no added sugar and includes a serving of greens. not to mention, it tastes pretty darn wonderful. pro tip: we brought our fitfuel mixer along so we could get our protein shake on from the road!

[aloha organic protein bar]
this vegan, plant-based protein bar is a great option for a quick protein boost when you can’t get your hands on a shake.

[navitas organics power snacks]
nosh on a few of these plant-based superfood snack-bites pre-workout to energize before that sweat sesh. they’re nutrient dense + contain no added sugar.

in the beauty aisle:

[peach slices sheet mask]
sheet masks are fantastic because they nourish your skin without the mess of the standard face mask. what better way to enjoy a beauty treatment while road-tripping?? this one is a k-beauty bargain formulated for instant brightening - a boon to any weary traveler.

[masque bar rose gold foil sheet mask]
again, a sheet mask makes for an easy no-cleanup facial, but this one’s got something most don’t have - a rose-gold foil finish. which makes it super insta-worthy + means you’ll look insanely cool while wearing it.

in the snack aisle:

[gold emblem pistachios]
no shells mean no problems + no salt means these are sodium-free.

[epic provisions epic bar]
we were stoked to find this meaty snack on this CVS run! sometimes chips + dried fruit just won’t do the trick, so for those times when you need something more substantial, turn to this bar. unlike jerky, it’s tender + easy to eat.

[farmhouse culture kraut krisps]
far healthier than your average road-trip chip, the base for these bad boys is actually sauerkraut, which means you’ll take in 1 BILLION probiotic cultures with each serving. probably more, because let’s be honest - who eats just one serving of chips??

[emmys organics grain-free coconut cookies]
we can’t lie - we always need a lil somethin’ sweet after our salty snacks on the road, so we were thrilled to find these grain-free cookies to go along with our haul. these satisfy that sweet tooth without loads of added sugar.

what’s your favorite healthy CVS find?? got a road trip on the books? find your local CVS, stock up on healthy finds - and don’t forget to proceed directly to the journal aisle to SEEK out our paper-based powerhouse that literally just hit 7,864 stores nationwide - but who's counting!? we are...boom. 
[read the official press release]

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