meet jordan: our littlest fab fitbooker + PE student of the year!

when jordan first brought fitbook junior home as part of her school’s Kids Eat Well initiative, designed to assess the students’ eating and activity patterns and integrate health and fitness education into the curriculum, her mom holly - a PE teacher - was thrilled.   

“when she first brought it home, i flipped through it and was amazed at not only how much information was in it, but also how easy it was to maneuver. i really thought it was a great book for kids,” holly said. “jordan always sees me charting my exercise and food in my apps and now she can do it too!”

in fact, holly has noticed a huge difference in jordan’s eating habits as well since she started using fitbook junior - forgoing processed junk in favor of clean, whole foods.

and in the end, all of jordan’s hard work paid off when she was named PE student of the year! now looking forward to a summer filled with all her favorite activities (swimming, biking, basketball and boogie-boarding), she’s putting her newfound passion for healthy living to good use.

fitbook junior in the words of our littlest fab fitbooker ever, jordan:

“i really like that fitbook junior helps me keep track of my exercise to make sure I have enough each day, and how i felt after exercise and the foods i ate. i can also make sure that i eat enough healthy foods and track it so i know that i have eaten healthy. it helped me to pack a better lunch and snack, and by eating healthier, i feel better.

i have cut back on my sugar and sweets eating, and i have become much healthier because of the amount of exercise fitbook recommends that i do.

i feel great! it's my first year at acacia, and i didn't even know they had this award. i was very surprised i got it. the number one tip i’d give to other kids to stay healthy is to go outside and play and make healthy food choices.”

with a family camping trip coming up and a jam-packed summer full of outdoor fun, this future pro basketball player/trainer hopeful is definitely living up to her PE student of the year title. congratulations, jordan! we’re so proud of your accomplishments, and so very honored that we could be a part of them!

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