5 healthy ways to show mother earth some love

we know you heart our earth as much as we do. and yes, we are paper people, but we’ve definitely got a few tricks up our responsibly sourced, organic cotton sleeves for taking good care of mother earth. for example, did you know that fitbook is actually made from 50% recycled paper?? and bonus: even though we love to hang on to our journals sometimes to see how far we’ve come, fitbook itself is recyclable as well! just remove the coil + toss those pages into the recycling bin!

here are 5 more healthy habits to do our part + show mother earth some love.

[plant an herb garden]

grow some green while saving some green. food grown at home is just better, ok? not only can you just walk right outside (in your bathrobe, if you want!), harvest what you need and head back into the house with your produce - free of charge - it’s also fresher + tastier. even better: growing your own means fewer 18-wheelers on the road, trucking your food in from across the country, several days past its prime. growing your own herbs honestly could not be easier. all you need is soil and your favorite herb seeds or seedlings. you can grow them in the ground, in raised beds, or in a little pot on your windowsill. there’s even a company called Back to the Roots that helps you grow an organic herb garden in a tin can. the sky’s the limit!

[carry reusable grocery bags]
this one’s a no-brainer. not only are those discarded plastic bags responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of sea animals and birds who mistake them for food after they make their way into our oceans, they aren’t biodegradable, which means they just lay around in landfills releasing toxic chemicals into the soil. not cool. if everyone used reusable grocery bags, we could keep 100 billion plastic bags per year out of our landfills. plus, they've gotten amazingly cute - like you-might-even-consider-wearing-it-as-a-purse cute.  

[reuse glass jars for food storage]
you know those jars of spaghetti sauce you use on those last-minute supper nights? good news: you can reuse them! just remove the label, run it through the dishwasher and voila! - you’ve got yourself a brand new (and dare we say, better) way to store your leftovers. no plastic chemicals leaching into our food?? we’ll take it! and better yet, it didn’t cost us a dime. bonus: glass is just better for you, hence why we launched the very first (and only) set of portion-control meal prep bowls on the market. yep, we're smart like that. 

[put the kibosh on food waste]
planning your weekly menu ahead of time (ahem, there’s a spot for this in each + every fitbook) is crucial for avoiding food waste. not only will it save you time + money at the grocery store, it’ll ensure that you only get what you need - which means less waste at home. furthermore, make a commitment to use up every last bit of the food you buy. got beets? the greens are great in smoothies. typically toss those broccoli stems? step away from the trash can - those lil guys can be spiralized or shredded in about 30 seconds flat and tossed into a yummy salad. 

[ditch the disposable water bottles]
did you know that it can take up to one THOUSAND years for a plastic water bottle to fully decompose?? sooooo it’s pretty troubling that americans toss about 38 billion of them into landfills each year. the good news: there’s a cheap, simple alternative! not only is most tap water actually more heavily tested and regulated than bottled water, you can pocket an extra $1400 per year just by choosing tap over bottled. just imagine what you could do with all that moolah! that’s plenty of dough to purchase a reusable water bottle you absolutely love. we’re kinda hopelessly devoted to our fitfuser. what can we say?? we like our water jazzy.

all this earth day love is making us feel a little generous. and what better way to kick off this day than with a little spring cleaning?? use code SPRINGCLEAN for 40% off ALL fitlosophy apparel, through 04.27.17! yeah, you read that correctly - FORTY, as in 4-0, percent off!! we’re thinkin’ this might be a good time to stock up on our super adorable workout tanks, just sayin’.

what will you be doing this weekend to play your part in showing our beautiful planet a little TLC? share in the comments below you healthy earth-lovin' goal getter, you! 


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