up for a challenge? 30 day transformation with nicole wilkins + our chief.

can i be real with y’all? as though i didn’t bare my soul enough in my last post about how whole30 changed my life (while barely budging the scale). as much as i tried to follow reintroducing foods back into my eating methodically like whole30 recommends, i found myself resorting to my all (wine) or nothing (dairy) mentality and frankly freaking out a bit, finding myself missing the structure that whole30 provided for the past 3 months. and this is why i'm reading melissa hartwig’s new book: food freedom forever. because she didn’t create this program to be whole365. so it just arrived on my doorstep via amazon prime – expect a book review in the next few weeks.

so in my flailing somewhat aimlessly about post-whole30, when my friend nicole wilkins launched a 30-day transformation challenge, my eager ears perked up. even though i hit the gym consistently – because well, it’s just what i do, signing up for classpass has (albeit conveniently) turned me into a cardio queen. [insert rolling-eyes emoji here] with the exception of a bootcamp-style class i take once a week + a pilates here and there, i admittedly only hit the weights at the gym maybe once a week. [insert monkey-covering-eyes emoji] partially because it doesn’t ding me ($15) when i miss a class – thank you classpass, your accountability game is on point. but also because frankly i have zero direction or motivation. this coming from someone who used to (emphasis/bold/underline) run circles around the beefcakes in the weight room. yes, when i was a wee-young entrepreneur, right when i started this biz over 8 years ago and in the best shape of my life, i could pull-up, push-up, plank + powerlift with the best of them. and if you for one second tell me you’re afraid lifting heavy will make you bulky, puh-lease. i was maybe a buck-fifteen max, 15% bodyfat and could bench press my own body weight, thank you very much. so (and i'm talkin’ to you ladies) while nicole is beautifully buff and rocks some serious biceps, don’t think for a second that lifting heavy is gonna bulk you up. capish? #endrant

TAKE i sat down with nicole to catch up with her + get some insight: 

angela (a): how has life been post-olympia? did you take any time off? are you back at it?

    nicole (N): Life post Olympia has been very eventful!  I replaced some of the hours of training with time invested more in work projects - although, I am faithful to my morning cardio sessions and at least 5 days of weights - competition prep or not.  I honestly didn’t take much time off at all!  I had a few photoshoots scheduled, planned the 2017 Phat Camp schedule, launched new fitness apparel for my collection, worked on finalizing my supplement line, put together the 30-day Transformation Challenge, and threw my sister's bachelorette party (she gets married on Nov 11!).  

    a: you're incredible! so, tell me why you created this 30-day transformation challenge.

    N: I have had so many requests over the years to do a challenge like this.  A program that is affordable, challenging (yet easy to follow), and sparks your motivation!  This challenge is 30 days, which is a lot easier to stick to than a 12-week program.  The nutrition component is all laid out for you based on your height and weight and whether you are male or female.  I have created a grocery list, alternative food list, cardio workouts, supplement recommendations and workouts for each day during the 30 days.  Along with each exercise in each workout, we have created an exercise database where you can see how the exercise is performed so you know you are doing it correctly.  It is like having me as a personal trainer in your own home! 

    a: well, sign up up! so for those of us who just did whole30, how is the nutrition portion of the challenge similar? 

    N: I encourage people to eat whole, real foods as much as possible.  Avoiding sugar, alcohol and processed foods and learning to cook more and be aware of portion sizes. So someone could essentially follow Whole30, however I do recommend supplementing with protein shakes to promote muscle growth post-workout.

    a: i’ll admit – i’m doing this because i really wanna get back in the gym and hit the weights like I used to…but I need guidance. what can we expect from the workouts? are we talking like 5 days hitting the weights? cardio?

    N: The workouts are very specific.  I have included a 5-day weight training routine for each week.  There will be a wide variety of intensity techniques, training styles, hundreds of videos and sets/repetition ranges to teach you many different ways to exercise.  

    a: what are you looking for to choose the winners? what do they win? can i win? i'm gonna. ;-) 

    N: We are not looking at weight and measurements only.  We are looking at the biggest visual transformation.  The winner will be flown to Southern California to spend the weekend with me!  We will train together, go out to eat and hang out for a few days. The runner up winners will get $500 cash and a Polar Heart Rate Monitor or a 6 Pack Cooler.  Pretty awesome! And yes, you can win - but you have to earn it!

    - - -  

    so, fitbookers: what are you waiting for? i get absolutely zero from you signing up – except the sheer satisfaction that you’re joining me on yet another adventure. why should you care? i don’t get paid to post; i’ve never once promoted something i don’t 100% believe in; and heaven knows i care far too much about my fitbookers than to sucker you into doing something that i wouldn’t do myself. (case in point: whole30/60/90).  

    here are the deets:

    wanna get a fitbook PREP to track your progress or a food scale to measure your
    morsels? enter promo code NICOLEW to save 10% on any order on our website. [note: i'm starting a fresh new fitbook PREP monday - my first since we created it together!]

    the challenge starts monday (so hustle up and register) + finishes literally 2 days before turkey day…which means your new-found muscles will effectively help you burn off those thanksgiving day eats. who’s in?

    comment below: tell me if you’re joining me, ask any questions + then tell me WHO you’re having join with you! we got this fitbookers.

    your chief in-(strength)-training,

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