need a caffeinated kick in the pants? try this bulletproof recipe.

friends, let’s all take a moment of silence in honor of this blessed day: national coffee day. yes, this jitter juice’s ability to single-handedly take me from cranky to creative or from grumpy to grateful in one fell sip, is downright impressive. but can we agree that the very essence of coffee is part of what makes this country great? i mean, right now, we the people need something to agree upon, and i for one think coffee is up to the task. very rarely will you meet someone who says “i don’t like coffee.” and when i do meet those people, God love ‘em, i just stare in awe, like “i don’t get you.”

quite frankly, i don’t care how you take your coffee. black, too. creamy white + spoonfuls of sugar? yep, that was momma’s method too. frou frou frappaccino? too sweet for my liking, but whatever floats your frappy boat. or perhaps you’re more sophisticated with your straight double-shot of espresso. mad respect, i’m a nespresso addict myself. regardless, i think (most) of us can agree that coffee is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. and also, adequately alert for this thing called life. 

i remember when i was a wee little one, sitting on my poppa’s knee at the tire shop (that he still owns, 55 years strong), watching him sip cup after cup of the tar-like folgers from mini styrofoam. he would reuse that cup for days on end, a habit formed more out of frugality than anything. “why waste a perfectly good cup?” he would say. or with my little button-nose at counter-height, i remember watching in amazement as my mom would create her heavy-whipping-cream concoction she called coffee, complete with a steady 5-second stream of sugar. “because life’s too short to not use real cream.” half-and-half...ha! too watered down for her liking. and i recall my first trip to italy where i explicitly remember sipping a perfectly crafted cappuccino while standing at the bar first thing in the morning, followed by a mid-morning espresso. and another after lunch. and again post-dinner. yes, i remember feeling like i had finally found my people.

never one to really like anything sweet in my cup of joe, my preferences have gone from cream-no-sugar to just-black, thanks to my first whole30 (er, whole90) experience just one year ago. currently doing #septemberwhole30 (again with my #fabfitbooker daddy on board), i wanted to give this oh-so-popular bulletproof coffee trend a try. yes, i’m quite embarrassed to admit that i’d yet to try it up until a few weeks ago. only catch: no butter on whole30, so the simple substitute, ghee. so, literally i did what any intelligent individual does: amazon prime. within days, my bulletproof coffee beans + brain octane oil + madagascar vanilla bean grass-fed ghee arrived on my doorstep.

following the bulletproof bag instructions to a tee, i added 8oz of freshly-brewed hot coffee to my vitamix + tossed in 1 tbsp each of the brain octane oil + ghee. which, by the way, this vanilla version from fourth and heart is legit the most yummy, spoon-licking-worthy ghee that my little tongue has ever tasted, but any ghee (or grass-fed butter for that matter) will do. anyway, back to the bulletproof. maybe 30 seconds of whirling and let me just tell you, it was love at first sip.  after about a week i experimented with adding a few scoops of bulletproof collagen protein (which is whole30-compliant, btw) to upgrade it from just having healthy fats to also packing a 20-gram-plus protein punch. surprisingly, this white somewhat-illegal-looking powder didn’t change the taste or the consistency of my upgraded bulletproof bevy.

the thought of butter, or in this case clarified-butter (aka ghee), in my coffee quite honestly seemed pretty disgusting. especially after i’d grown so accustomed to taking it black. let me clarify: i still prefer my coffee black if i hit the coffee shop, but this bulletproof blend is a brain-boosting, taste-bud pleasing, somewhat sweet (although there’s no sugar) treat that is quite honestly my new addiction. i’d read the research of all the benefits of bulletproof, but let me tell you it didn’t disappoint. here are some of the bulletproof benefits in my experience:

* increased level of focus

* reduced cravings, especially after adding collagen protein

* not hungry, like for hours on end

* improved productivity with more time in my day by replacing 1 meal

* seriously satisfied – it seemed like a cheat because it was so yummy

now, truth be told, this is all within the context of whole30, so it’s tough to say whether the above are a result of solely sipping the fully-loaded bulletproof coffee or also a byproduct of my uber-clean eating, or both.  i’ll be summing up my september whole30 experience on the blog shortly, so stay tuned on how i tweaked it a bit to blend in some bulletproof in a way that works for me. in the meantime, give this simple bulletproof coffee recipe a try + let me know what you think.

[vanilla bean bulletproof coffee]

  • 6-8 oz freshly brewed coffee (i used their beans, but any coffee will do)
  • 1 tbsp brain octane oil (some say any MCT oil works, but i opted for bulletproof’s version)
  • 1 tbsp un-salted grass-fed butter or grass-fed ghee (this vanilla version is the best, in my opinion)
  • 2 scoops bulletproof collagen protein (optional)

1. blend it until frothy + sip up, buttercup!

not a coffee fan? again, i don’t get you, like at all. but i still like you, so for all my non-coffee-lovers out there, give our
bulletproof matcha latte a go for some of the same health benefits, sans java.

your highly caffeinated chief,

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