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if you, like us, have at least half a dozen unread books collecting dust on your nightstand despite the best intentions, we know you feel our pain. thirsty for knowledge, but not enough free time to get your read on? then you need to hop on the podcast train. it’s like a cross between a really great book + a super fascinating radio interview - all in little snippets that are typically an hour or less. listen in the car, on the treadmill, while you’re cooking dinner, anywhere, anytime. wanna get started? here are 10 of our faves.

[fitness + nutrition]

the mindbodygreen podcast:
an extension of the popular health + wellness website of the same name, the mindbodygreen podcast is a go-to resource for interviews with all the biggest names in health, fitness + nutrition. topics include things like eating for a healthy brain with dr. david perlmutter and the secrets of longevity with dr. valter longo. we always walk away from this one feeling more knowledgeable than we did going in.

core connections:
health + wellness entrepreneur erica ziel heads up this podcast, where she shares her passion for helping all people improve the quality of their lives through her slight obsession with fascia + deep core work. does this buff blonde look familiar? not only is she one of our chief’s BFFs, she’s also the fitness brains (+ model) behind our 6-week COMEBACK program. with episodes like mid-back makes you stronger + choose to be grateful with our very own angela mader, you’ll find something for both your mind AND body in this perfect podcast.

bulletproof radio:
tech entrepreneur dave asprey has created an entirely new career for himself with his line of bulletproof products (including our fave bulletproof coffee) + bestselling books. his obsession with bio-hacking and utilizing a range of products and supplements, in addition to a high-fat keto diet, to optimize his health + daily performance has lent itself nicely to running a podcast where he addresses things like gut health, the science of the perfect physique at any age and reversing the age of your brain. asprey clearly knows his stuff, and every time we listen to this podcast, we learn something new.

[goal-getting + entrepreneurship]

the tony robbins podcast:
“why live an ordinary life when you can live an extraordinary one?” tony robbins definitely embodies this mantra while helping more than 50 million people across the globe achieve success in their business + personal lives. his interviews with the big boys, such as the founders or CEOs of companies like lyft, venmo and skype, always fill us with the inspiration + confidence to make us feel like we can conquer the world.

how i built this with guy raz:
we love the narrative style of this podcast where raz tells the stories of innovators + entrepreneurs, such as drybar founder alli webb - who was a full-time mom when she noticed a gap in the beauty market + started a chic chain of blowout salons. pretty much all of the episodes are under an hour, so they’re great for a quick listen on your morning commute or during an evening walk. we dare you not to feel inspired afterward.

wsj secrets of wealthy women:
there is no other podcast that we know of that focuses solely on successful women and how they achieved that success. if you’re looking to empower yourself financially, it wouldn’t hurt to take cues from powerhouses like cosmetics dynamo bobbi brown or 4th generation forbes publisher moira forbes. it’s just very cool to hear all these accomplished, powerful women reveal the secrets behind their successes.  

[faith + fun]

for the love! with jen hatmaker:
best-selling author jen hatmaker talks all things home, family, food, Jesus. you name it, she dishes on it. sometimes it’s hard-hitting titles like politics, faith + open hearts with author + former presidential pastor josh dubois, and others, it’s lighter fare like it’s okay to laugh with comedian john crist. regardless, it’s always an uplifting way to spend an hour.

the andy stanley leadership podcast:
we love this monthly themed podcast from pastor andy stanley. broken up into little nuggets that air just once a month, regarding topics like the role of courage in leadership or creating a culture of collaboration, it’s great advice for anyone looking to harness their inner leader - religious or not. we like that it feels like a really fantastic mini-sermon on how to work toward being a person you can be proud of.

good life project:
this podcast is all about inspirational, unfiltered conversations with game-changers like brene brown, gretchen rubin + seth godin. you listen to it and you can’t help but be inspired to go out and effect change in your own life.

hidden brain:
this intriguing podcast really gets you thinking about those unconscious patterns that drive our behaviors and direct our relationships, such as the psychology behind what we eat or the relationship between parent + child, and how to channel that information in positive ways. we’re talkin’ fun things like how to activate your very own inner non-conformist + how to find meaning and purpose in your job. this is an easy one to get hooked on.

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