stop setting resolutions + go for the goal! [bucket list download]

the infamous new year’s resolution: that lofty, shoot-for-the-stars promises we make to ourselves every single year that lures us back to the gym + motivates us to give up sugar...for good!! for about six weeks or so, that is. then by mid-february, the luster and excitement has worn off, willpower has escaped us and about 90% of us must face the fact that once again, we’ve failed.

so this year, why not lose the resolutions and go for goals instead?? we don’t limit our goal-getting solely to january here at fitlosophy, nor do we limit our goal-setting to just weight-loss. in fact, we preach the many virtues of setting goals in all aspects of life all year long - not because it spikes sales come january 1st, but because it just works. our winning method? writing it down, then making it happen by setting small, incremental goals that will collectively lead us to our end-game achievements.   

need a little inspo to help kickstart your goal-getting? download our goal getter bucket list, then start pinpointing your goals in four different areas: travel, health + fitness, adventure, and personal development.

ask yourself questions: where have you always wanted to go? what are your health goals? what new experiences would you love to challenge yourself with? what new skills would you love to hone? what are your non-negotiables in life? what do you want to achieve? what are some areas of your life that have gotten a little stagnant? how can you push yourself outside of your comfort zone? use the answers to questions like these to determine what your goals are in each bucket-list area.

don’t underestimate the power of small victories each day in getting you to where you’d ultimately like to be. example: do you dream of traveling to italy? start mapping out small steps you can take to make that dream a reality. sock away $50 per week for your travel fund. apply for or renew your passport. resolve to learn a new italian word each + every day. these are all little things you can accomplish on a daily or weekly basis that will add up in a big way. not only will the sense of achievement boost your confidence, it will also inch you closer + closer to your bigger goals. 

as much as we at fitlosophy love the go-get-em goals mentality come january, we instinctively find ourselves poo-pooing this commonplace new year’s custom of setting resolutions, repeated year after year. so take our chief fitlosopher's advice + do these 3 things: 

  1. download/print our goal getter bucket list to set BIG goals 
  2. download/print our goal getter grid to break those BIG goals down into more achievable goes on a monthly basis, complete with action items ['s a peek at our chief fitlosopher's goals in action]
  3. then post them where you see them daily, snap a pic + share on social media for accountability [tag @fitbook so we can see!]

what are your goals, big + small for the new year? share in the comments, then go write ‘em down + start makin’ ‘em happen! let's do this!! go for the goal!

happy new year, goal getters!

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Sarah B
Sarah B

January 09, 2017

This is such a useful way to approach setting those bigger goals which seem unattainable. Thank you!!

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