how fitbook helped this mama2b through her first trimester

guess what?? our very own marketing + community creator is PREGGERS!!! could we BE any more excited?! now, logically, we all know that pregnancy isn’t just a convenient excuse for a 9-month junk-food bender. as a health-conscious person, laura already knows that the best way to bake up the healthiest possible lil' bun in that oven of hers is through clean eating + a sensible exercise routine. plenty of nutrient-dense food means all those teeny, tiny developing organs + systems will have a nice, solid foundation, while regular exercise can help prevent some of the common pregnancy aches + pains. but laura has an extra little secret weapon to ensure she approaches her pregnancy as the (wo)man with a plan: our 40-week fitbook mama2b. filled with the usual food logging + workout charting pages, this pleasantly plump addition to our fitbook family takes it up a notch with pregnancy tips + weekly bump updates. just settling into her second trimester, laura gave us the scoop all things pregnancy + shared how mama2b helped her get through her first trimester, nausea + all.

[you're expecting! congratulations!! how was your first trimester? anything you didn't expect?]
ahhhh THANK YOU! we are so, so excited. having kids + being pregnant is something i’ve always wanted, but now that it’s here, i’m in shock! my first trimester was a little rocky, albeit exciting. i was pretty nauseous all day, every day. i’d like to have a chat with whoever named it “morning” sickness, actually. so that’s something i did not expect! neither my mom, nor my sister were very sick during their pregnancies, so i thought i’d be in the clear. but everybody's pregnancy is different!

[well you know what they say - morning sickness means everything’s cookin’ up nicely! how have you managed the nausea thus far?]
i’m lucky enough to work from home. i honestly don’t know how i would have functioned the first trimester if i had to wake up and look decent every day! i kept the sickness at bay by making sure i always had a little something in my stomach. i’ve always eaten more frequent, smaller meals rather than three large meals, and that’s become even more necessary during pregnancy! also, WATER. i joke with my husband that this baby is going to come out half camel,  because i am always thirsty and drink so much water each day. drinking a large cup of water always calms my stomach and relaxes me. it’s actually really convenient to be able to keep track of my water in my mama2b too. also, if I’m feeling up to it, a nice walk outside with the dog helps me feel better too. sunshine is the best medicine!

[what are your health goals for this pregnancy?]
first and foremost, i want to make sure my baby is healthy. so for me, that means maintaining a healthy weight-gain and making sure my baby is getting all the nutrients he needs. i’ve really focused on what foods i’m putting in my body, because that’s the fuel my baby needs to grow! also, i’m focusing on my mental health as well. it’s definitely been a mental game to not get freaked out that my jeans are getting tighter and my body is getting more filled out. i am trying to appreciate these changes i’m going through by noting how grateful i am to be creating this beautiful baby boy! 

[nice! we love that you’re incorporating gratitude into your pregnancy plan! how is fitbook mama2b helping you reach your goals?]
the weekly + trimester goals have been a huge help! adjusting my goals week-by-week has made it easier for me to track my progress. i like that the focus of mama2b is mainly on nutrition, because that’s where most of my goals are focused. i’m not trying to up my sets + reps. I’m just trying to give my baby the nutrients he needs. the nutrient tracker on each day visualizes these goals for me and makes them easier to accomplish! also, the weekly planning pages have a spot to record weight-gain, so it’s super easy to compare each week so i can keep my weight-gain goals on track.  

[why do you think logging your food + exercise is so important, particularly during pregnancy?]
i think it’s super important to not only record what you’re eating, but how it makes you feel! and luckily, mama2b allows you to do that. because i’ve been tracking my food and moods, i feel like i have this great database of foods that do or do not upset my stomach. there have been a few times where nothing sounds good to eat, so flipping through my past food logs gives me great ideas. tracking your food is also a great way to make sure your baby is getting all the nutrients he needs. i also like to write down how i feel after a workout in the mama2b. i’ve never regretted a workout during pregnancy, and reading how past workouts have improved my mood always motivates me when i’m just not feeling it - which was often in the first trimester! ha!

[haha! hey, you’re creating a human in there, so that’s a pretty legit excuse for a day off (or two)! do you bring your fitbook mama2b with you to the doctor?]
absolutely! i write down any questions i have throughout the week in my fitbook mama2b, so i have those ready for my appointment with the doctor. i also use it to record my blood pressure and other vital stats and notes from the doctor, as well as remind myself of future appointments. when the doc told me to up my calcium starting in the second trimester, that note went straight into my notes pages in mama2b.

[ooooh, good idea! so what’s your favorite thing about fitbook mama2b?]
my absolute favorite part is the weekly fit tips! it’s very handy to see the comparison of the baby’s size to food - for example, he’s the size of a red onion this week! it helps me visualize his growth and progress. also, the tips are so fun and give me something to put in my weekly goals!

[well, congratulations on making it through your first trimester! what are you most looking forward to in the second trimester?]
not feeling as sick or tired! i’m also hoping some of my food aversions go away. unfortunately, i’ve been nauseated by some of favorite foods like spinach, strawberries, chicken and watermelon. i’m also looking forward to getting some energy back so i get back into a more consistent workout routine. and for the bump to look like a bump and not just bloat!

[well we think you look fantastic!! any food or exercise tips for other mamas-to-be out there just embarking upon their first trimesters?]
it’s super important to set goals for yourself so you have something to work towards, but don’t get down on yourself if you have to take days off or if you didn’t have a great day of eating. especially if it’s your first pregnancy, everything you’re going through is new and your body is going through some major changes! you might not be able to work out out everyday, or even for a whole week, and that’s ok! listen to your body and your baby and do what’s best for you.

follow along with us as we check in with our amazing mama2b laura after each trimester! have questions for laura? let her know in the comments! wanna pick up a mama2b for yourself or for a healthy baby shower gift for your bestie? shop the collection here.

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