how do you brown bag it?

ok, so yes, sometimes it seems like there’s a holiday for everything, but national pack your lunch day is definitely one we can get behind. in fact, you might say we’ve been "prepping" (pun-intended) for this day for years by creating an arsenal of fit foodie tools. there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to packin’ that lunch sack. maybe you’re a frequent flier who’s always on the go. perhaps you’re a mom who logs an inordinate amount of time in a minivan. different needs call for different solutions.

here's our blueprint for the perfect lunch, whether you spend your days manning a boardroom or a mommy-mobile.

when you’re constantly in + out of airports, eating healthy can be a challenge - especially when you’re dealing with long flights. pack a six-pack bag with a day’s worth of nutritious meals + never eat airport fast-food in desperation another day in your life. fully insulated, this adorable little pack will keep three 20 oz containers of food fresh until you're ready to munch! stuff one with fruit + yogurt for breakfast, another with a greens-packed salad for lunch, and the third with a lean protein + roasted veggie dinner for a full day of meals that will keep you fueled throughout your day of travel. bonus: it's TSA-approved so you can tote your eats without any hassle.

[mommy on-the-go]
when you’re a mom, you’re not only perpetually on-the-move, you’ve got multiple mouths to feed at all times. fill your snackstak with healthy snacks + pop it in your purse for a quick snack-lunch on-the-go, or sustenance for your hungry kiddos. we love a combo of guacamole + raw veggie dippers + berries + nut butter. have a baby on board? keep a back-up scoop of formal on-hand for an impromptu feeding while out + about. tiny tots in tow? fill a container with your kiddo's favorite snacks to avoid any mid-day meltdowns.

[desk jockeys]
workin’ 9 to 5? prep your meals the night before with our handy-dandy meal prep set. three dishwasher-safe bowls each make portion control a breeze with measurements printed right on the glass. pack the large 2-cup-capacity bowl with greens, the medium 1-cup-capacity bowl with protein, and the small 1/2-cup-capacity bowl with a healthy fat like olive oil-baed dressing or avocado for quick, healthy desk eats. the key to eating healthy at the office is prepping ahead so you can seriously just grab + go. here are 12 foods to prep like a boss.

[workout warrior]
are you the type to head straight from work to workout every day without fail? stock up on our fitfuel mixers, then stash a serving of protein powder in one, so all you have to do is add liquid. in another, prep a batch of overnight oats or a protein-shaker salad for a quick grab + go meal. for oats, just combine ½ cup of rolled oats + ¾ cup of your liquid of choice, then layer in your favorite toppings + refrigerate overnight. voila, done! we’re partial to this chocolatey mocha version.

whatever your lunch style, packing it at home is definitely the way to go - you’ll save money (a cool grand per year, on average) + effortlessly cut calories (about 200!). what are your favorite healthy tips for brown-baggin’ it? share in the comments, fitbookers!

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