4 fitfuser combos: spike your h2o to kick the cola habit

let’s face it: sugary drinks raise your risk of diabetes, heart disease + other chronic illnesses exponentially. not quite ready to kick those sodas + sugary drinks to the curb? we get it, we get it. plain water can be boring. in fact, even our very own chief fitlosopher has trouble downing enough of the clear stuff every day. which is precisely why we created our fitfuser water bottle in the first place, to make getting in your daily dose of agua a little bit zingier! kicking that cola habit might not seem so daunting if you have a flavor-filled replacement ready + waiting! here are 4 of our fave fitfuser combos to add a little oomph to your h2o:

[strawberry limeade]
loaded up with tangy lime + sweet strawberries, this is one delicious way to sneak a little extra vitamin c + some heart-healthy antioxidants into your diet.
1. stuff your fitfuser insert with fresh strawberries + lime slices.

2. fill the bottle with cold filtered water.

3. drink up!

[perky pineapple]

pineapple not only infuses this combo with some major vitamin c + immune system support, cilantro adds antioxidant power as well!
1. stuff your fitfuser insert with fresh chopped pineapple + cilantro

2. fill the bottle with cold filtered water.

3. chug-a-lug!

[blackberry basil]

the anti-inflammatory properties of basil combined with antioxidant-loaded blackberries makes this combo quite the powerful elixir.

1. stuff your fitfuser insert with fresh blackberries + basil.

2. fill the bottle with cold filtered water.

3. sip up, buttercup!

[citrus-y spa water]
juicy lemons + oranges flood your water with vitamin c, while the cukes add even more anti-inflammatory cooling power to your agua.

1. stuff your fitfuser insert with cucumber + orange + lemon slices.

2. fill the bottle with cold filtered water.

3. gulp it down!

need a fitfuser water bottle of your very own? check it out here!

what’s your favorite way to jazz up your agua? sharing is caring. let us know in the comments below!

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