have you tried this sweet new toast yet? it's paleo + perfect.

who doesn't love a hot slice of toast?  avocado toast...toast with peanut butter + bananas...toast with jam...the options are endless. it’s quick, it’s versatile + it’s portable, making it the perfect on-the-go munchie. that is, unless you're going against the grain(s), practicing paleo, side-stepping sugar, or smack-dab in the middle of whole30à la our goal-getting chief fitlosopher. solution: find a new way to have our toast (and eat it too)!

enter: sweet potato toast. that’s right, you read that correctly - toast made from a sweet potato. nothing else, nada, zilch. no flour, no preservatives, no added sugars. just mother nature’s perfect, nutrient-packed, whole-food veggie vehicle to transport sweet + savory toppings alike. and the best part? it’s easy as 1-2-3!

[make it]

  1. peel a sweet potato
  2. cut lengthwise into ¼” slices
  3. spray desired number of slices with coconut oil spray + pop in the toaster until tender (about 2 toasting cycles)

[now, top it!] need a little inspo? here are a few of our fave (whole30-compliant) combos:

the new avocado toast]
⅓ of an avocado (sliced) + halved grape tomatoes + cilantro

gettin’ figgy with it]
unsweetened whipped coconut cream + sliced figs

grown-up pb+j]
1 tbsp plain almond butter + sliced strawberries + cacao nibs

have you tried this sweet new spin on toast yet? share your favorite toppings in the comments below...we wanna know!! or try one of our recipes above + make sure and tag @fitbook on instagram so we can see your creations. 

later, sweet potaters!


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