[a gift guide]: inspiring gifts under $40 for every goal getter on your list

there are only so many gift options to choose from when you’re staying inside the shopping-mall box. that’s how, year after year, despite your best efforts, you become known as that wacky aunt who loves to gift silly socks. and while we think silly socks are sweet, we think you can do better! and good news: an inspired gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune. whether you’re shopping for your spouse or your sister, we’ve got the gifts that’ll thrill everyone on your list, without breaking the bank!

[foodie friend]

eat fit kit $12.95
we all know that foodie who’s difficult to impress when it comes to all things culinary. but we’re willing to bet her kitchen tool-kit isn’t equipped with this brilliant little notepad. a meal-planner on one side + a grocery-shopping list on the other, our eat fit kit weekly meal prep, so your friend can focus more on food + less on the dirty details. with 40 front + back weekly sheets, it’s the gift that keeps on giving well into the new year! plus, this insta-famous food blogger calls it "genius", so there's that. 

[sassy teen]

fitspiration tracker for tweens $14.95
could this tween journal, like, be any cuter?? taking a cue from our grown-up fitspiration journal, this tracker was created specifically for tweens + teens to get their daily gratitude on. and because it also encourages goal-getting + helps foster healthy habits like being active, eating nutritious foods + getting in plenty of water, your teen will get a headstart on lifelong health. there’s even a mood tracker - which we all know comes in handy with teenagers. daily motivational quotes + journaling prompts encourage reflection on things like good deeds, funny things, thoughts + ideas. sounds like a much better use of their time than screen time, wouldn’t you agree? 

[little ones]

happy tracker $12.95
did you know kids start to grasp the concept of gratitude starting around age 5 or 6? our daily happy tracker will help your kiddos practice gratitude + mindfulness each day. designed especially for kids ages 5(ish)-12, this fun, interactive tracker includes activity stickers + space for daily doodles. the goal: encourage them to be grateful for more than just what’s under the tree! don't have kiddos and never know what to get your friends' kids? hello, happy tracker. 

[gal pal]

fitgear $39.95 + under
with the holiday season, come lots of cozy nights indoors. and what better way to dress up (or should we say dress down?)  a girls’ night in than with our cute + comfy new fitgear?? front + center motivational messages on each + every piece make this gear perfectly giftable. bonus: its cute factor will inspire many a new year’s workouts - or brunches - or both.

[workaholic co-worker]

NEW fitdesk calendar $14.95
newsflash: brit + co named our darling little desktop calendar "the ultimate gift for the fitness lover" - so yeah, it rocks. with 365 days of fitspiration + tips designed to inspire you daily to live life fit, it’ll definitely keep you top of mind while bringing daily joy to its recipient. and isn’t that the best we can hope for with any gift we give? perfect for work or home, the perpetual format can be reused year after year. 

[on-the-go gal]

daily to-do jotter $9.95
heaven knows an on-the-go gal needs all the help she can get to stay on task and remain sane. lucky for her, you can give the gift of inspired task-tracking with our daily to-do jotter! with a daily reminder to focus on gratitude first thing, this flip-pad list is lined + ready for listing out those important daily to-dos. each page even features a water tracker along the bottom, because we know a busy little bee could always use a reminder to drink up!

[fit friend]

fit happens fitspiration journal $16.95
chances are, your fit friend thinks she already has her workout routine on lock. so imagine her surprise when you give her the ultimate gift to complete her wellness routine! our fitspiration journals keep health + wellness top-of-mind daily with inspiration + tips to live life fit. with space to log gratitudes, workouts + meals, this 16-week fitness-meets-gratitude journal was designed to go beyond the physical by empowering body + soul as well. but don't take our word for it - PopSugar calls it the "perfect (and practical) gift for the fitness lover." and we quote: "this thoughtful gift will help them organize thoughts and get after their dreams." [end humble brag]

which of these would you ask santa to leave under the tree this year? share in the comments below.

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