flaunt what your momma gave you: words to live by

what would we do without our moms?? after all, who else is our first nurturer, our first teacher + our first love, all wrapped into one wonderful woman? and whether you’re fortunate enough to celebrate this mother's day with your own mother, or spending it remembering all the things you miss about her, one thing’s for sure - she sure did teach you a lot. and ya know what? here at fitlosophy, we like to flaunt what our mommas gave us - especially when it comes to indispensable advice. here are a few of the life lessons our darling mothers imparted upon us that really stuck.     

[angela, founder + chief fitlosopher]
there isn't a day goes by that i don't miss her - every single ounce of her. but momma raised me right + left this earth having (almost) fully prepared me for whatever life throws at me. here's what momma taught me...

attention to detail is everything.

when in doubt, wear red. especially stilettos + lipstick.

life's too short to not enjoy cream in your coffee. (sorry mom, i actually like it black now)

curves are beautiful – and so is that perky backside.

it's okay to have dessert for breakfast every once in a while.

never go on diets - just make sure your cute clothes fit.

wear sunscreen every day.

getting your second wind at 11pm is normal. mornings are why God made coffee.

laugh harder than you cry; love more than you knew possible.

when life gets tough, do something for someone less fortunate than you - and plan a trip so you have something to look forward to.

read rather than watch; do rather than say. and write more - "it's God's gift to you."

you don't need to fit in - God made you to stand out.

organizing, alphabetizing, coordinating + sorting are entirely normal. (it's not OCD - it's CDO in alphabetical order, as it should be.)

plan plan plan.

sticky notes rule.

always be kind, critter. but stay sassy.

save money + earn a good living so you never need someone to do it for you.

drop everything for family and close friends.

work harder than anybody else.

it's never too late to go after a goal. (like getting your college degree at 45 - true momma story)

don't delay the desires of your heart; go after the goals that keep you up at night - we aren't promised tomorrow.

God created you for big things - go do them.

but remember: never get too big for your britches.

[laura, marketing + community creator]
the most important thing my mom has taught me is to always have an eternal perspective. she taught me to always reflect on how my decisions + actions would affect my long-term life and goals, not just the now. this was especially useful in high school when i would get caught up in drama. she would always tell me how that moment or issue was minuscule in the grand scheme of things. in my adult life, it has helped me make bigger decisions and to always focus on what is most important to me in the long-run, which is my family and creating the happiest life possible! her advice has made my life easier because it teaches me to step back when things get crazy and look at what really matters.

[katy, chief content creator]

the absolute best thing my momma did for me, starting from a very young age, was foster a healthy relationship with food. not only was she a dietitian, and thus highly equipped to instill healthy eating habits, she also managed to do so without ever creating any unhealthy obsessions around food. she encouraged balance, moderation and experimentation in the kitchen - all principles that are fundamental to my diet approach to this very day. growing up with such a great example has made it so much easier for me to do the same for my kids.

i also very much appreciate that she always espoused self-care. women - and mothers in particular - often tend to feel guilt for taking much-needed time for ourselves, so thinking about how she’s always said “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” is always helpful for my sanity. as a mom of 3 boys, it always makes me feel better when i do take those little moments for myself.  

[lani, chief designer]
losing a loved one is tough - especially your mom - but as life goes on, the advice and lessons they taught us sometimes come up in unexpected ways - and it’s then that we realize the value of that advice. there have been times that i’ve had that “hey! i learned that from my mom” type of instant realization. the best life lessons my mom taught me across the key years of my life:

as a child:
you will be strong and independent. i was super shy. my mom called it “painfully shy”, and she pushed me out of my shell.

bugs, lizards + frogs are cool. my mom was great at catching lizards in our backyard. she taught me to respect all creatures and how each one has a purpose.

as a teen:
"know who you are”: this is what my mom would say anytime i was going out. i think it kept me out of MOST of the trouble i could have gotten into. :)

life is tough. be a comfort to others during tough times. when i was 17, my childhood dog got sick and had to be euthanized. my mom made me go and be at my dog’s side. at the time, i was angry that she made me do this, but i remember she kept telling me i needed to be with my dog to be a comfort to her.  little did i know that those moments were preparing me for my mom’s passing. there have been many times when i’ve seen how they helped me cope with death.

as an adult:
be strong + courageous - mom’s battle through breast cancer was a vibrant example of this.

life should be fun.  a quote my mom had on her fridge was “we don’t stop playing because we grow old. we grow old because we stop playing." i think my mom related this to exercise too - she really enjoyed running, and she always encouraged my sister and i to be active.

happy mother’s day, all you fabulous, fit mommas! thank you for leading us through life as our best possible teachers.  what’s the greatest lesson your mom ever taught you? share in the comments below!

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