3 fitmats + 5 moves to stretch, strengthen + sweat

got big goals for 2017? allow us to up the ante with some sparkly new gear to ignite some serious goal-getting. introducing….our brand, spankin’ NEW addition to the fitlosophy family: the fitmat!

not only is this trio of fitmats exceedingly adorable (available in 3 fitspirational designs - oh yes, we did) + ridiculously cushy underfoot, they come with a convenient, super-stretchy, removable carrying strap. just toss it over your shoulder + hit the gym, then simply remove the strap + hit the deck. boom. it’s that simple.

we've got a quick do-anywhere workout for you to give your fitmat a whirl, but before we get to that our chief fitlosopher answers a few f-a-q's on the new m-a-t's.

is this like a yoga mat? 
no, they aren't yoga mats. they're fitness mats, hence the name: fitmat! while yoga mats are much thinner, our fitmat has a thicker surface, making it super duper comfy.

what workouts can i use this for?  
anything really, but it was designed to be a comfy soft surface for at-home workouts, stretching, crunches, planks, pushups + more. tip: take it to your group exercise class using the nifty carrying strap + you avoid using somebody else's sweat-soaked mat. (ew.)

where i can i get my hands on one? 
you can get all our fitmats on our website or (drumroll please)...they are available for a limited time only at Target stores nationwide. RUN - don't walk to get one though, they'll sell out fast + once they're gone...they're GONE!

which is your fave, chief?
that's like asking me to choose a favorite fitbook. they're my babies - i heart them all equally. what's YOUR fave one fitbookers?

alrighty then, onto the workout. 




WARNING: use with caution - side effects of our cushy, new fitmat include a maaaaaajor case of fitspiration perspiration. you've been warned! now, check out 5 moves to stretch, strengthen + sweat your way into 2017. 


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okay, so who else is headed to Target to pick one up? which one is your favorite? comment below + let us know!

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Kathy Cruthirds
Kathy Cruthirds

January 18, 2017

I love the red one. I will be getting me one.

Tanya Woessner
Tanya Woessner

January 06, 2017

I ordered the ‘This is my happy hour’ mat and do like it. My apartment has concrete floors, so it is great for that. I did learn very quickly not to wear shoes on it however, my first exercise (climbers) I nearly shredded it. I took my shoes off immediately and everything else has been great.


January 06, 2017

Love the silver one!

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