fitbook TWENTY-ONE: are you up for a healthy challenge?

January 02, 2017

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hey, my goal getters…happy NEW year! anybody else overwhelmed with the chaos that ensues come january?

“organize your life!”
“new year, new YOU!”
“lose weight in just 3 days!"
“set goals now or forever hold your peace!”

okay yes, i’m being facetious, because let’s face it…we at fitlosophy don’t just do goals come january…this is what we do ALL year long. why? because it works. and YOU of all people know that there’s NO quick fix. there’s NO diet or pill or workout program that will change your life until you decide you want to make a change. and setting big unrealistic goals because the calendar just happened to flip over to 01.01? so not realistic.

rick warren once said "goals are statements of faith", and while many of us may overestimate how much we can do in a year (hence, those lofty resolutions), we also tend to underestimate how much we can accomplish in a day. each day's worth of small steps and habit overhauls add up to get you closer + closer to your big goals.

you know what works – because you’re a fitbooker.
we make a plan + set achievable goals.
we write them down with good ol’ fashioned pen + paper.
and then we go(al) get them! (sorry, had to.)

but here’s the thing – you can’t reach a big goal if you don’t FIRST make incremental, sustainable changes that are (keyword) consistent.
enter fitbook TWENTY-ONE. it’s a bite-size approach to making healthy habit changes for 21 days straight. i created it because one thing i’ve seen over the years is that even people who have the best intentions (myself included!) tend to set these big pie-in-the-sky goals, but without making daily habit changes, you will NOT reach your goals.

learn how to replace your not-so-healthy habits with better ones by laying out a 21-day plan + then taking it day-by-day, one habit at a time. used to mindlessly munching on a bag of chips while you watch tv at night? replace the munching with some (ab) crunching by assigning yourself 30 crunches per commercial break. your reward? as long as you get those reps in, you can continue with your regularly scheduled programming (minus the chips).

i'll be here to coach you every step of the way for 21 days – and i’ll be doing this program WITH you! here’s what you get, my friends:

  • our fitbook TWENTY-ONE e-book to download + print out to use for the next 21 days (starting on january 9th). YES, i know you love the OG fitbook and you can dive right back into one come february, but just give this a shot for 21 days so you’re uber-focused on creating healthy habits – and nixxing the unhealthy ones.
  • daily emails for 21 days from yours truly, with fitspiration, exercises to get you moving, new recipes to try + fit tips every single day in your inbox. pretty awesome for 47 cents a day.

  • full access to MEeeee + our team of fitlosophy coaches every step of the way when you post #fitbook21 on social media! this is all about accountability.

so take a peek inside #fitbook21 + join now! the program officially starts on monday 01.09.17. but you MUST join now so i can send you your fitbook TWENTY-ONE download the sunday before. that way, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running come monday – because duh, all programs start on a monday!

best of all: it’s only $10. but you can actually get it for FREE just by referring friends…because those who fitbook together get fit together! all you have to do is share this + if just 2 friends sign up…we’ll give you $10 at the end of the 21 days. so what are you waiting for? it's easy as 1-2-3!

  • join #fitbook21 for just $10
  • share with friends to have them join you 
  • check your inbox to get fitbook TWENTY-ONE on 01.08 + daily emails start on monday, january 9th!

i can’t wait to kickstart the new year together making healthy habit changes that WORK. seriously, ditch the resolutions + escape all the "new year new you” noise. because frankly, we’re already pretty awesome - all we need is a little fine-tuning.

ready to get started?
join me.

your chief fitlosopher,

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January 09, 2017

I’m in. Yay! I need this to start 2017 great & healthy!

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