new fitbook TNT: 20% goes to fight blood cancer [for momma]

blood cancer awareness month holds a special place in my heart. why? because i’d do just about anything to help defeat the disease that took my momma far too early + far too quickly. it’s why i’ve run my heart out; it’s why i’ve shed blood, sweat + tears; it’s why we created our limited edition fitbook TNT.

since 1988, TNT (Team In Training) has raised more than $1.4 billion to fund research for curing blood cancers. after losing momma, i knew i couldn't just sit by + throw a pity party. she wouldn't have allowed it. i had to pick myself up, for her, and figure out a way to channel my grief into something positive; something that would prevent others from losing the ones they loved most.

you voted, we listened. and this sassy yet classy cover (just like momma) is available only through the month of september!  20% of the proceeds from fitbook TNT go directly to Team In Training + Leukemia Lymphoma Society in memory of her.

there are only 50 available + once they’re gone, they’re gone, so don’t drag your stilettos on this one, fitbookers. get this pretty 'lil one-of-a-kind, limited-edition fitbook TNT to get you closer to your goals + give back to a cause (that’s very near + dear to this fitlosopher). this one’s a no-brainer. momma would be proud.

have you or someone you love been affected by cancer? comment below + tell me. this isn't just about me. or momma for that matter. (although she's oh so worth it). it's about doing something bigger than ourselves; to make a positive impact. 





with all my heart,

p.s. wanna learn more about fitbook TNT + our upcoming fitbook PINK? click here.

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September 12, 2016

Wish I’d seen this before I bought my brand new FitBook. But I’ll buy this one anyway. Lost my baby brother (he was 20 mos younger, so he was "baby " only to me), Jan 2015 to AML. He fought the bravest battle I’ve ever seen. I want to honor him. He always was a fitness buff.
I fought breast cancer at the same time he fought AML. He had a much bigger more difficult battle. But we helped each other. Now I am in remission and I want to be an example to his legacy. Good for you doing this for your Momma!,


September 01, 2016

Love it! I know your mom loves it and is looking down at you very proud!

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