ready to feel the brrrn? keep cool with this workout.

we’ve tried a lot of unique workouts - boxing, country zumba, yoga with a goat on my back (no seriously), but none intrigued yours truly (katy, your fitlosophy fitness guinea pig) quite as much as the frosty phenom that’s taking over NYC: brrrn. the punny name alone was enough to get me in the door, let alone the promises of fat-burning, calorie-scorching + higher endurance. their gimmick? while most other fitness studios endeavor to keep their clients comfortable at room temperature, brrrn ices out the competition (and their patrons) entirely by cooling their studio to temps as low as 45 degrees. while such wintry workouts might deter some, i was all in. brrring it on, i said!

[how it works]
brrrn offers three different classes: a low-impact, yoga-inspired strength + mobility series, set at 60 degrees; a circuit-based core + cardio slide-board series, set at 55 degrees; and a high-impact, circuit training series employing strength-building battle rope exercises, set at a chilly 45 degrees. the theory behind these brisk temps? in a nutshell, the cold revs up your metabolism + allows you to work out harder + longer without fatigue slowing your roll. i couldn’t help but put this theory to the test when i happened to be in NYC.

[feel the brrrn]
if i was going to do this (and oh, was i dyyyying to do this), i wanted to go big or go home, so i of course opted for the signature battle-ropes class, the 45-degree temperature prompting me to show up for my workout donning three different layers of clothing.

i’ll be honest: i was not looking forward to that first blast of cold air i knew would hit me upon walking through that freezer door (no, like literally a freezer door. like you’d find in the cold-storage area of a professional kitchen.) and into the studio. in fact, i braced myself, expecting the worst. needless to say, i was pleasantly surprised as i made my way in. sure it was bit frosty, but nothing i needed three layers to handle, so off came my sweatshirt!

after a quick rundown from our instructor on what we could expect over the next 45 frigid minutes, we got to work, splitting up into pairs for three rounds of circuits. a couple minutes of warm-up exercises (annnnnnd off came my hoodie!) + we were ready for act 1, which consisted of battle ropes, lunge exchanges, romanian deadlifts + two-handed overhead swings - all with sandbells. one partner battled the ropes while the other braved the circuit moves, switching when told. act 2 was battle ropes, table top crunches, step-up squats (oof) + uneven push-ups. we closed it out strong with act 3’s battle ropes, power jacks to chest presses, toe taps + slams to brrrpees. can’t say i was happy about the brrrpees by that point, pun or no pun.

one thing i absolutely
can say: by the time class was over, i was hooked!

[the verrrdict]
this was one of the most killer workouts i’ve had in a while, but the best part? as promised, i didn’t feel super fatigued afterward like i have in similar circuit-style HIIT classes. mind you, i spent the next several days hobbling around the streets of new york, thanks to my extremely sore muscles, but the upside to that is that i then felt perfectly justified in eating allllll the new york pizza. and while i definitely had moments during the class where i felt like i needed a little break, the cold did work as advertised, as i had way more endurance than i otherwise would’ve. i also expected to be freezing cold the entire time, but surprisingly enough, i was stripped down to just a tank less than 5 minutes in + i never looked back. i left bemoaning the fact that i don’t have access to 45-degree battle-rope workouts back in my at-home gym.

[too cool?]

ok, so they’ve legitimately thought of everything at this place, so on the off chance that you’d be even remotely chilly after such a hardcore workout (spoiler alert: you won’t be), they have an infrared sauna as well! i was still pretty warm from the workout, so i didn’t partake, but supposedly the benefits include detoxification, relaxation + improved circulation. sounds like a pretty good situation.

in summarrry, i give this workout a 10/10 - highly recommended the next time you’re in the big apple!

have you ever tried brrrn? have a workout you love + think we should try? share in the comments!


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