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we’ve been keeping up with our marketing + community coordinator, laura, throughout her pregnancy. we were with her as she battled first-trimester nausea, watched as she breezed through her second trimester, and beamed with pride as she ended her third + final trimester by delivering a beautiful baby boy! now a couple months into motherhood, laura gave us the scoop on all things post-partum + the low-down on how she’s bouncing back after baby. hint: hubby’s joined in too!

[first of all, congratulations on baby boy's arrival!! can you tell us a little bit about the birth?]
birth was amazing! he came ten days late which made me a little crazy, but it was so worth it when he came. holding him and seeing him for the first time will be something i’ll never forget – there’s nothing else in the world like it. i will say that actual labor and delivery was easier than i expected it to be, but recovery was harder than i thought.

[did you find it's been easier to bounce back after baby since you stayed active while you were pregnant?]
yes! the first two weeks after birth were very rough, as i’m sure all women can attest to, but once i got over that hurdle, i felt like myself very quickly. i was able to go on long walks everyday about two weeks after birth. i think that’s because i walked every single day of my pregnancy, whether outside with the dog, or on the treadmill and it made a huge difference. i was itching to get back to real workouts, but made sure to give myself 6 weeks and get the “all clear” from my doctor.

[so what's the plan now? you and hubby are "getting back into shape" post-baby?]
the plan is to just be more active! with the new year, my husband and i made a goal to be more active in our down time instead of just turning to netflix. we wanted to still each have an hour to ourselves to work out every day, but to make our hobbies more active! we both like going to the driving range together, riding bikes and just going on walks. for working out, we take turns watching the baby and going to the gym. he is using the nike training app for his workouts, and i’m doing BBG (kayla itsines' 12-week program) and piloting an at-home workout we're launching at fitlosophy (coming soon!). we check in with each other every morning to “schedule” our workout time that day. we try to be flexible around the baby’s schedule, but make it a priority to get a sweat sesh in. and if something comes up or baby just needs extra attention and one of us misses a workout that day, we just move forward.

[how is fitbook helping you in this postpartum journey?]
i’m using fitbook lite [so is keegan] in conjunction with a fitspiration journal. i’m trying to focus more on the fitspiration journal though. taking time for myself and giving myself a few moments of quiet a day has been a game changer. i’m happier, calmer and just a better mom when i’ve journaled and focused on gratitude. we’re both loving the fitbook lite for the 4 tweaks. checking off those 4 things a day is so simple but it really has made a difference in how we feel.

[what are the most challenging things/your favorite things about motherhood so far?]
the most challenging thing has definitely been prioritizing my time. i want to give my all to william, keegan, work, myself, my dog (haha) and i’m realizing i can’t do it all. setting a schedule and having a plan each day has been a huge help. i love just holding and cuddling william. i love how he’s instantly calm whenever i pick him up. we just love how happy he makes us on the daily!

[do you think doing this with the hubby makes it easier to stick to?]
absolutely! planning our days together each morning and checking in with each other at night keeps us both accountable. it’s also helpful that we’re both trying to eat super clean, and neither of us ever try to tempt the other. i know it was hard for keegan to resist joining in on my raging pregnancy cravings for ice cream and chips. ;) one of the most helpful things has been meal planning and prepping together. we try to switch it up for dinner to keep things exciting, but we’re usually both okay eating the same things for lunch every day so we spend one day a week prepping all of our lunches to make things easier with our busy schedules.

[what one piece of advice would you give to an expecting mom?]
embrace the pregnancy laziness – i’m only half joking. i feel like i was SUCH a busybody when i was pregnant. whether it was cleaning and putting things together for the baby or working, i couldn’t just let myself relax. now that my time is stretched pretty thin, i’m wishing i hadn’t passed up those opportunities to just relax when i was pregnant. on the more serious side, try to just be so grateful for your body and your baby. it is hard to look in the mirror and look at your body [stay awayyyyy from the scale] post-baby. it’s so easy to get down on myself, but i have been diligent in making sure every time a negative thought about my body comes into my head, i try to instantly think about how grateful i am for my baby and appreciate my body. our bodies are incredible...they create life! remember that it took 9 months for your body to change – don’t expect it to “bounce back” right away!

congratulations on your beautiful baby boy, laura + keegan! we could not be more proud to be a part of your parenthood journey. 

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