#fabfitbooker wayne gets wed!

all-star fab fitbooker wayne has made some big gains since we last caught up with him in february - namely, he’s gained a wife! five years after first meeting at a hockey game, avid sports fans wayne + janice have finally made it official, tying the knot in a beautiful beachfront ceremony.

and in true sweating-for-the-wedding fashion, this cute couple buckled down and upped their health commitment in the months leading up to their big day. obviously already a seasoned fitbooker, wayne introduced his bride-to-be to his favorite food + fitness journal to aid them in their get-fit journey. and like any good soulmates would, they did it together.

[fitbook in the groom’s own words]

“janice got interested in using the fitbook because of me. dealing with diabetes and high cholesterol, she had tried dieting on her own in the past with great difficulties, so this time we consulted with a doctor who specializes in nutrition. that really opened up her eyes to how poorly she was eating. he set up a weight-loss a plan for her, and she found that the easiest way for her to track her progress was with a fitbook. we actually share one so we can support each other and track one another's progress, making adjustments as needed.

she likes that if her water-weight or blood sugar jumps a bit, she can go back and look at the food she ate the day before and see if maybe she had too many carbs or excess sodium in her diet that day. or maybe a dessert she doesn't typically have.

we also got away from your basic gym and joined a strength and conditioning/circuit training facility, which increased our workouts’ intensity by about 300%. i found that going through the journey together has really helped us both. we eat basically the same foods, work out together, talk about nutrition and workout issues together. it's like having your trainer at home with you.

since early march, we have both dropped a considerable amount of weight. she has lost between between 20-25 pounds and still going strong. i'm down approximately 25 pounds myself. my weight loss has been from training differently and continuing to keep track of everything in my fitbook.

the wedding was beautiful. we had 37 people with us in punta cana, consisting of friends and family, which made it even more special. it had rained for several hours leading up to the ceremony, but by the time our beach ceremony actually took place, the weather was amazing.

janice looked so happy and beautiful in her wedding gown. all-in-all it was a very special time with lots of fond memories.”

these days, janice is not only down in pounds, she's also stabilized her blood sugar + brought her cholesterol down to normal, which means fewer meds for this newlywed! congratulations to the new hubby (and your beautiful bride)! words cannot express how happy we are to have witnessed your transformation over the past couple of years, as well as how honored we are to have been a part of it. and of course, spreading the fitbook love to your new wife is the best compliment you could give us! enjoy the newlywed life, lovebirds!!

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