#fabfitbooker michelle: how this mom fed her soul + crushed her goals

michelle has battled her weight since 6th grade, yo-yoing between being too heavy and too thin, a story to which many women can relate. after gaining 75 pounds with her first pregnancy, she spent more than a decade unsuccessfully struggling to shed the weight. at her heaviest, weighing in around 260 pounds, she knew she had to make some changes.

inspired by the success stories she watched unfold on the biggest loser, michelle lost about 75 pounds within a year. amazing, yes. but, the problem? although she started out doing it “the right way” by exercising and watching what she ate, her weight-loss method devolved into her typical default - starving herself, resulting in headaches and mood swings. after a divorce left her stressed and working long hours, she started gaining again, putting back on another 40 - 45 pounds, until finally, she realized something had to give. she needed to start taking care of herself, loving herself, forgiving herself.

then, in january of this year, a breakthrough. michelle took control. after seeing our goal getter fitspiration journal on instagram, she went down to her local Walgreen’s and picked one up, spurring an overhaul of her diet. then she went and joined a local gym, committing herself to four workouts per week. and sure enough, the weight began coming off - “the right way” this time.

fitspiration journal in her own words:

"this is the first time i have lost weight in what i feel is ‘the right way’. i
didn't want to just starve myself, as i've done in the past. i wanted to love myself, eat healthy, live healthy. i've not only been on a weight-loss journey, but a healthier mind and spirit journey. i wanted a different approach to a completely healthier me. it wasn’t just about losing weight, it was about actually taking care of myself. i wanted to track the things i
did, i wanted a record.

the fitspiration journal works for me because i actually think about ME. i think about what i'm doing. it keeps me accountable to me. i've never been one to deal with my feelings, but this journal makes me think of them and i like it! it’s something i've never done before. and the best part is i'm liking who i'm getting to know after 44 years.

i'm just taking it slow and steady and doing it the way that's right for me. the fitspiration journal has made me a goal getter! i set goals for myself and i ACHIEVE them!

now down 36 pounds, 3 pant sizes + countless inches since january, michelle is finally learning to love herself. congratulations on your success, michelle! we always say that what fitbook is to the body, the fitspiration journal is to the soul, and we’re so proud to be a part of your soul journey!

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