#fabfitbooker meg part II: how this RD used fitbook to transform her workplace

registered dietitian meg had so much success losing her baby weight with fitbook that when she developed a healthy weight loss challenge for her co-workers as part of the company’s employee wellness initiatives, she made our 12-week fitness + nutrition journal the centerpiece of the program.

“we do all sorts of employee wellness programs here since we are all caregivers to some degree,” said meg. “we are constantly giving our time, energy and resources to others, so this was a chance to take care of our own.”

offered exclusively to staff members of Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association (RVNA) the "biggest loser challenge" was held the first eight weeks of the year, kicking off in early january. every thursday, each of the 24 participants met with meg for a brief one-on-one weigh-in + consultation. they would then review their fitbooks for the week, take necessary measurements + set the next week’s goals together. 

meg loved that fitbook allowed her to tailor the goals for each individual who participated - an important component, as everyone was coming from a different place/phase of life. one of her biggest requirements for participation: never compare yourself to the other participants, instead using your own goals for comparisons.

in addition to the one-on-one sessions, she posted videos, recipes and tips on a private internal RVNA website. she kept it casual and personable, incorporating fun wherever she could, such as encouraging the challengers to decorate their fitbooks. the participants even developed a push-up game where every time meg said the word “OK” in one of her videos, they’d do push-ups.

[click here watch the challenge video on youtube]

but that’s not to say there weren’t challenges. even for professionals who are charting + recording data all day, every day, getting used to logging their own details in their fitbooks each day took some getting used to.

“these are clinicians who have to chart and record stuff ALL. DAY. LONG.” said meg. “adding something to their list was hard, but like charting for patients, when you keep track of things, you see results and stay on track. once they got over the first week of logging in the fitbook, it got easier.”

as health professionals, all of the participants were obviously already armed with knowledge that many dieters aren’t privy to, but one of the most satisfying parts of the challenge for meg was watching the mindset of many of her co-workers transform. in fact, it was the first time many of them were achieving weight loss without a “diet”, instead focusing on what TO eat and what TO do versus what not to eat and how much they needed to exercise. it was a total paradigm shift that was a joy for her to behold.

by the end of the eight weeks, the group had collectively shed 81 pounds, with the biggest loser challenge winner weighing in 15 pounds lighter (and counting)! other participants still email meg weekly to keep her updated on their continuing progress.

meg, thank you from the bottom of our little red hearts for believing in fitbook enough to make it the bedrock of your competition. and a huge thank you and job well done to all participants of RVNA’s biggest loser challenge!

interested in corporate wellness initiatives for your own company? click here for more information on our fit@work workplace wellness program.

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