#fabfitbooker meg: how an RD used fitbook to reach her goals

we had the privilege of meeting meg, a registered dietitian + nutrition educator, when she walked up to our booth at a nutrition conference last fall. within minutes, we learned that fitbook was not only a helpful tool for her clients, but that it had actually proven an indispensable tool for her as well. as an RD, meg definitely knows more than most about health, wellness + nutrition. that, coupled with the fact that she’s an active person, meant that maintaining a healthy weight was relatively effortless for her...until she had her second child. those last 10 stubborn pounds of baby weight just did not seem to want to come off.

she needed something that would help her go the extra mile by honing her meal-planning skills, as well as hold her accountable with her workouts. enter fitbook.  

fitbook in her own words:

“i was instantly interested. i loved how nutrition and fitness were addressed together, but especially valued the goal-setting features of fitbook. thankfully, i haven’t needed to do any major weight loss programs. i have always been able to ramp up exercise and clean up my eating if the scale starts to climb. i do, however, counsel individuals and groups regularly to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, using fitbook as a tool.i love that fitbook isn’t gimmicky. it just teaches healthy, sustainable habits. the goal-setting and weekly/long-term rewards are my favorite feature. fitbook really makes me pay attention, and i am able to more easily achieve my goals when I PAY ATTENTION. i am also a better dietitian because i can provide my clients with a ready-made tool to help them achieve their goals. not only did i lose the 10 pounds, i was also able to connect nutrition with how I was feeling and performing during long runs. i realized that i felt better on long runs when i had more protein and fat the day before. also, i was able to pinpoint a pattern that i was getting headaches after eating bananas!”

congratulations on losing the baby weight, meg!
we’re so proud we could help you reach your goal, as well as be a part of your clients’ health and weight-loss toolbox. no nonsense, no gimmicks - just good old-fashioned pen + paper, along with some major sweat!

but wait, there’s more! tune in next week to find out how fitbook helped meg’s coworkers inch toward their goals as well!

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