#fabfitbooker daddy edition: a proud papa’s tale of love + (weight) loss

one might say that without this fabfitbooker, there would be no fitbook at all. why? because not only did mr. mader father our chief fitlosopher, he nurtured her entrepreneurial spirit from the day that his spunky, curly-mopped 7-year-old declared she was going into the business...of pickles. after investing the capital to help her fledgling pickle stand become the hit of the annual town parade, he gave his little angela her first lesson in one of the pitfalls of business: the cost of doing it. none-too-thrilled, she begrudgingly obliged, handing over a portion of her profits to repay her debt. but still, in spite of her “stolen” earnings, she was hooked.

which worked out well for rick (since he insists "mr. mader was my dad"), as nearly three decades later, this proud papa wielded his baby girl’s flagship fitbook to help him through his very first whole30 (er, whole150, as it turned out). after a few years of extreme emotional highs + lows, including the death of his beloved wife and subsequent remarriage a couple years later, rick had been through the wringer mentally, emotionally + physically. after yoyo-ing from all the stress, change, heartbreak, and newfound happiness, he was ready to take control of his health again, working toward weaning himself off his medications. and for him, fitbook was just the accountability buddy he needed to make it happen.

fitbook in his own words:

“since angela was little, she wanted to be an entrepreneur - before she even knew what the word meant. she’d always have her little notepad, writing down what was going to happen and how. she’s always been a planner. so it makes me very proud that she’s taken something she’s had to struggle with (her eating disorders) and combined it with her own God-given strengths to create this fantastic product, fitbook.

fitbook lite is my go-to because anytime you write something down, you’re more committed to it, and that makes a huge difference. punching a button on an iphone doesn’t commit you to anything. writing it down makes you sit there and think about what you did, what you ate. it triggers thoughts of what you can do to improve, and it motivates you to rethink choices you might have made otherwise. it just makes you more conscious of what you’re doing as you’re walking through the day.

so when angela convinced my (now) wife + i to do whole30 with her (i call it our whole150) last fall, fitbook was instrumental to our success. with a program like this, where a big focus is cutting out sugar, you’ve got to be able to track what you’re eating. sugar is in everything, so it was crucial to be able to recognize patterns and correlations between foods and how your body reacts and feels. logging everything in fitbook actually helped me recognize that i’m sensitive to grains.

in the end, i lost 20 pounds, and i did it solely by tweaking my diet - getting off the sugar, the dairy, the gluten - and tracking it all with fitbook.”

and the benefits didn’t stop at weight loss. after years of swollen ankles and pain from even just walking, rick was not only pain-free within a month of his whole30 (150) journey, he was finally able to ditch the acid-reflux + cholesterol medications he’d been dependent upon for 20 years.  

now, after a rough few months, marred by yet another period of bereavement + subsequent weight-gain of about half his whole150 loss, rick + his wife are ready to take on a new whole30 challenge, their favorite fitbooks by their sides.

congratulations on everything you’ve overcome to get here, rick! you are one tough cookie! but of course, as the father of our fearless friendployer, we expected nothing less.

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