ever done yoga with a goat? we did "goga" - and here's what happened.

katy here, fitlosophy’s resident been there tried that guinea pig. i’ve tried rowing, intermittent fasting, on-trend aerial silks. and now, brace yourselves for the challenge i took on this month: goga - aka goat yoga. ok, so i know at first glance that goat yoga doesn’t seem like the most sweat-inducing (or sane) exercise. and i won’t beat around the bush: if you’re looking to sweat, this isn’t the workout for you. if, however, you are in the market for a novel yoga sesh that doubles an epic photo opp, this is your class.

but you’re probably actually still sitting over there going “whoa, hold on, did you say goat yoga??” that’s right. goat yoga. which is exactly what it sounds like. quite literally yoga with a goat. why, you ask? good question. because it’s impossible to be sad when you’re doing downward dog with a baby goat playfully nibbling at your ponytail. in fact, it’s downright good for the soul.

i arrived at atlanta’s GOGA Goat Yoga to a bucolic setting - the sun beamed proudly over a beautiful barn erected in a large pasture; a horse stood serenely in the grass; chickens squawked in a big, fancy henhouse. and finally, my eyes came to rest on a covered pavilion that served as an outdoor yoga studio, where i was directed to hang all my things on a hook just outside the studio - lest my personal belongings be eaten by a goat. because y’all, i’m here to tell you firsthand: anything within muzzle’s reach of a goat will be eaten - including your hair. and the very shirt on your back. trust me.

dutifully, i hung up my things and settled in on the provided yoga mat, nixing my favorite little blue fitmat within minutes of entering the studio after the goats tried to snack on it. (womp womp.) a small price to pay for an entire hour of yoga with goats. after a quick intro from the founder of GOGA and owner of the farm, we got down to biz.

there were two little goats in attendance - both adorable, as well as equally curious, making their way around the room (sometimes hopping) to check out (and chew) each and every pupil in the studio. after a few ooooohs + about a million awwwwws + some light petting, the class officially started with stretches and a little cat/cow pose action. not long into my first cat/cow series, much to my complete + utter delight, i felt little hooves on my back and a nibble on my bun (not the edible kind). there was literally a goat standing on my back. i felt a mixture of emotions: joy, excitement, curiosity, trepidation (that i wouldn’t have any hair left after the goat’s little amuse bouche), and regret (that i had shed my outer layer + was only wearing a tank top - goat hooves are no joke!). within a minute or two, the goat had used my back as a springboard and moved on to the next snack, er yogi.

the rest of the class was a combination of gentle, laid-back yoga and goat-fawning. if we weren’t doing our best tree pose or chaturanga, we were laughing at the goats’ hijinks or snapping photos to immortalize what was quickly climbing the charts as the absolute best workout class ever.

now i do need to qualify that - when i say “the absolute best workout class ever”, it’s not because i burned 1000 calories in an hour or hit a new personal best. i don’t want any of you hardcore crossfitters to go try goat yoga based on my recommendation, only to find that it wasn’t quite as challenging as you’d hoped. this is neither a sweaty, nor grueling workout by any means. to be honest, i still went home and hit the weights that evening. it was “the absolute best workout class ever” because it was positively chicken soup for the soul. it gave my dopamine + my heart strings a real workout - and all the laughing gave my abs a run for their money too!

have you ever tried goat yoga? what’d you think? share in the comments! got a workout you think we should try? let us know!

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December 07, 2017

This is awesome. I want to GOat check it out! Funny about katharine and her husband ending up on front page of local newspaper :)


December 04, 2017

I took my husband, which is surprising enough and then he ended up on the front page of the local newspaper!

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