back-to-school: fitlosophy-style (bonus: there's a sale)

September 11, 2016


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for us, back-to-school will always mean freshly sharpened pencils, a brand new box of crayons, crisp + clean notebooks. but what happens when your school days are done?? just because we’ve graduated from grade-school, doesn’t mean we can’t still stock up on some back-to-school basics for a little grown-up goal-getting of our own.  

p.s. there's a sale going on too: promo code BACK2SCHOOL saves you 20% through 09.14.16.  what's back-to-school without a sale? but more on that later!

here’s how we do back-to-school, fitlosophy-style.

[new school year, new clothes] 
who else remembers happily being dragged around the mall by mom? one of our favorite things about starting out a new school year was always back-to-school-clothes shopping. well, our faves for hitting the gym in style?

fit gear: our fitlosophy tanks are (of course) always tops on our list. printed with some of our favorite inspirational sayings, these little numbers are guaranteed to help you sweat in style. teaser alert: NEW fitgear is coming this holiday season so stay tuned.    

fit(ish) tops: we’re absolutely loving these completely adorable + oh-so-appropriate fit(ish) tops. celebrating fitness lovers who also equally love food, this is definitely a mission statement we can get behind. dumbbells & donuts....cardio & cupcakes...planks & pizza? um, yes please. p.s. our chief fitlosopher is buddy-buddy with the sweet creator of fit(ish) so she scored you a promo code to save. [code fitbook20 saves you 20%!]

athleta pants: athleta’s newest yoga pant in their fall line-up? the sculptek capri legging. utilizing zoned-compression technology, these babies provide support + sculpting in all the right places, making them the spanx of workout pants. ummmm, yes please! 

[stock up on supplies]
you all know we heart paper. so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone when we tell you that stocking up on brand new notebooks is obviously one of our favorite back-to-school memories. our way of reliving those cherished moments in our adult years? busting open a brand new fitbook!

fitbook: ahhhhhh, fitbook - our OG fitness + nutrition journal. where else can you set 12 weeks’ worth of goals + motivational tips, while keeping track of your food intake, workout schedule + weekly progress all in the same book?? anybody else get equally excited to rip off that super-shiny shrink-wrap to reveal new pages of possibility? it never gets old.  

fitspiration journal: we always say that the fitbook is to the body as the fitspiration journal is to the soul. back-to-school can be a bit stressful when you have kiddos? the best way to stop stress in its tracks is to journal gratitude. then read these 5 tips to reduce back-to-school stress from our chief fitlosopher. 

[love your lunch box]
choosing exactly the right cartoon-covered lunch box was definitely a pivotal decision on our childhood back-to-school agenda. now that we’re a little older + wiser, our lunch box preferences may have changed, but we still get giddy at the thought of toting along all our eats for the day. a few of our absolute essentials?  
snackstak: snackstak is the new lunch box. fill it up with all your faves - fruits, veggies, nuts, hummus, protein powder, supplements, whatever you prefer - and hit the road, healthy eats in hand. here are our healthy tips to stack your snacks.

fitfuser water bottle: not a fan of plain ol’ h2o? then you will absolutely adore this 27-oz water bottle. equipped with a removable infuser, you can stuff your favorite fruits + herbs inside to infuse your agua with a little extra oomph! here are 4 of our fave combos.  

fitfuel protein shaker: need a reliable way to ensure you down that post-workout protein? we’ve got you covered with our fitfuel mixer. its leakproof design means you can toss it in your bag worry-free + go. not a fan of protein shakes? we've got 5 ingenious ways to shake shake shake

[backpackin’ in style]
remember when you finally found the perfect backpack at those back-to-school sales + proudly packed it on your back that first day of class? we've got your adult version. 

six pack bags: who needs a backpack when you can have a six pack (bag)?? not only does this nifty little insulated tote hold three full 20-oz meals, it’s packin’ roomy side pockets for all your non-negotiables, like your water bottle, cell phone + wallet (+ your fitbook, of course).  and it's red.

so while we may not be headed back-to-school, we are definitely using this new school year as a kickstarter for all our year-end fitness goals!  don't let back-to-school stress you out... try a little retail therapy to wind down + stock up for the school year!

what would back-to-school be without a sale?? save 20% on your entire order with promo code BACK2SCHOOL at but hurry, it expires 09.14.16!

now, get shopping. class adjourned!

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